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Meet the Money COmmittee
Vicki Rackner MD ---  Selling to Doctors Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I once operated on a patient who carried the diagnosis of what was then called Multiple Personality Disorder.  I met several of the "alters" who inhabited her body, including a 6-year-old child.

I asked her, "What's this like for you?”  She said, “It’s like there’s a big circular kitchen table in my brain.  Everyone sits around the table, and they take turns sitting in the 'lookout position' away from the table.  This is the person who decides what to do and say.”

I would like to propose that each of us has five members of the internal Money Committee who collaborate to make our day-to-day financial choices. Here they are:

Your goal when you are talking with a client is to first, identify which committee member is speaking.  With my patient, it was easy to know when I was speaking with the child because she sounded like a child. If you hear fear, respond just as you would with a frightened child. Say, "Yes, these are scary times!" Ask, "What do you worry will happen?" Giving the fear a voice is like shining the flashlight under the bed to see that there are no monsters.

You will also meet the Security Guard.  This is the person who calls you and yells, "Sell everything!" You can deliver an empathic message, "We're both here to keep your wealth safe.  My experience suggests a different way to protect you.  Might I share my perspective?"

Please also know that YOU have you own money committee members, and your CEO is not always running the show.  If you find yourself fearful or anxious, take a deep breath so you can put the CEO in charge.

Click here to watch a video in which I describe the Money Committee and suggest how you can use this model in conversations with clients. Feel welcome to like the page while you're there and leave your thoughts! 

Hope you find this helpful.

Thank you for your hard work!  

Stay safe and strong,
Dr. Vicki

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