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MJ-The Musical Rocks Out Hollywood!
Michael J. Herman  -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force Michael J. Herman -- Mr. Motivation -- The World's Biggest Motivational Force
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Thursday, January 25, 2024


Much like the Real Michael Jackson, MJ The Musical explodes on stage from the very first drum beat or guitar strum. Like a rocket blasting off its launch pad. MJ lights up the night sky as it blazes the stage of the Hollywood Pantages Theater running thru January 28, 2024.

To call MJ The Musical a show is like calling Michael Jackson a singer, or a dancer, or any single category in which you can fit him. The truth is that MJ The Musical is an emotional journey through the life and music of one of the single most significant entertainers of the 20th and 21st Centuries. From "House Lights Down" until the final cast bow, MJ The Musical powerfully strikes every cord.

The emotional rollercoaster biography of a superstar being born and discovered through his entire career, highlighting every major and minor moment of his musical life and feeling the angst of the frustrated super genius makes every seat a viewing of one of the most examined lives in Show Biz History an absolute thrill.

Perhaps what comes through the most is how committed to the highest standards of musical and theatrical excellence Jackson really was to the point of obsession and bordering on mania. Settling for nothing less than perfection, and yet never satisfying his obsessive compulsion for "art" at the expense of everything else in his life, MJ The Musical creates an intimate and three-dimensional experience of an icon, a master, and a Musical Deity we all loved but never knew.

We all know the superficial anecdotes of the abuse Jackson allegedly suffered at the hand of his father Joe Jackson, but in this odyssey into Jackson's development as a star we learn the lasting and deeply scarring and damaging results that abuse caused in the phenom's abbreviated life. This abuse fueled MJ's pursuit of perfection instead of the love he craved from his father and in a very real sense fueled the tragic downfall and early end to this cultural genius.

A brilliant mechanism is employed by having up to five different Michaels portrayed from beginning to end. Plus, to have the different stages reappear as the story progresses. Just as in the early 1970s, I could hardly take my attention away from the Jackson 5's youngest, the youngest Michael mesmerized and hypnotized as he sang, danced, and thrilled in every moment on stage.

As the cast took its final bow (the entire cast all together on stage) the youngest Michael continued to stun in every way. His vocals and his Tony-worthy dancing abilities were exceeded only by his effervescent and exuberant joy of performing. At 11? Yes, at 11. Watch for this kid on Broadway and on award stages very soon. I predict a new Gregory Hines has arisen.

Many cast members deserve exceptional recognition. I.e., Devon Bowles mystified so well that it wasn't until nearly the end I realized he doubled as Joe Jackson and Rob the Manager. Several performers doubled throughout the show which added an even deeper layer to this complex narrative.

Every performer dazzles and one is hard-pressed to identify a best or favorite. It is obvious all are stars, but the ones who shine most brilliantly are the older Michael and the youngest Michael.

The show fell short for me in one regard only: the heartaches, travails, and hardships Jackson carried through his life like scandal and failure were not even touched upon except for possible financial ruination. And that too was merely superficially dusted. What makes up for it is the illustration of how this master of reinvention and resurrection never stopped until the final curtain fell.

Like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Madonna, there will never be another Michael Jackson, but thanks to MJ the Musical, we'll never forget the impact Jackson has had on Music, Art, and Culture.

MJ The Musical is an absolute must-see. Not only for the music and the dancing but for the opportunity to re-experience the music of your childhood as it is performed by one of the most talented companies in Musical Theater.

In closing, it's worth mentioning the fabulous 12-piece band that made the house sound like a 40-piece orchestra. The sounds and the orchestrations from beginning to end were absolutely outstanding and are enough reason alone to see MJ The Musical.

Tickets start at $39 with 6 performances per week.

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