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Local Author Lori Golden Delves Into Her Trauma in a Moving, Gritty Memoir
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San Diego , CA
Thursday, March 26, 2020

Local Author Lori Golden Delves Into Her Trauma in a Moving, Gritty Memoir

San Diego, CA. March 26, 2020 – Sexual abuse is one of the most heinous acts a person can commit against another human being, and one of the most misunderstood aspects of it is the trauma that comes after something so terrible. Even though advances have been made through movements such as #MeToo and people are speaking out, the day in and day out pain that victims go through is often not talked about and not understood by people who never suffered from sexual abuse. Lori Golden's My House of Lies shares her experience living with sexual abuse, giving an account that is deeply moving in her honesty and desire to seek the truth.

The memoir chronicles Golden's life as she lived with the abuse perpetrated by her father. Despite having a seemingly "perfect" life to the outside world, inside she lived behind a wall of silent screams. Those screams then became trapped inside her for decades as she turned to addiction as an adult burying the pain she endured since she was five years old.

Golden tells her story through not only prose, but with drawings and paintings she made while in her recovery process in therapy.

"I wanted people to know it's a horrible thing to survive in," Golden stated, "but it takes so courage and strength to thrive."

Golden gives four main takeaways in her recovery:

  1. Telling is the first step of healing. If you don't, you continue to live in silence, alone, with your abuser.
  2. Recovery is painful and hard. But without it, you live in its effects. Symptoms are not your DNA
  3. Sexual abuse has long tentacles. Know that it's not in the past, but alive in the present.
  4. Embrace your story and let your inner abused child speak out. You lived the worst of it as a child and survived. You can live freely once again.

"Shame is the core of this kind of act by a pedophile," Golden continued. "By telling and coming out, you begin to heal in your shame."

Lori Golden is LCSW and EMDR certified and has worked in the mental health profession since the 1970s. She works with survivors of trauma and abuse and specializes in addiction recovery. Her practice includes individuals, groups, couples, and families. My House of Lies is currently available to buy on Amazon in both trade paperback and on Kindle.

For the media, Lori Golden is available for interviews. Contact her at 858-344-6045 or LoriGoldenAuthor@gmail.com. She resides in California in the San Diego area.

More information on Lori Golden can be found at www.LoriGoldenAuthor.com.


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