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Leading Entertainment Attorney Challenges Young Professionals to Take Charge of Their Careers

Leading Entertainment Attorney Challenges Young Professionals to Take Charge of Their Careers

Toronto, CA—What is the difference between an average career and a successful one? Why are excellent communication skills of critical importance? What is grit and why does it matter more than innate natural ability? How do some people pull themselves out of poverty and into the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and professionals? Norman Bacal, in his clear and insightful book Take Charge: The Skills That Drive Professional Success, faces these questions and challenges young professionals to build the skills which will empower them toward professional success.

"You can float along, hoping everything works out; or you can take charge of your future beginning right now. There are tools you need to survive and thrive," says Bacal.

The founder of prestigious Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie and an attorney, Bacal has decades of experience and knowledge to draw on. Across the span of his career, Bacal noticed a void between what he was taught in law school and the practical skills he later developed that actually made a difference in building a successful career. In Take Charge, he provides a guidebook that gives back to the professional industry, helping students and young professionals find their way toward success.

"Learning how to manage your career is something that no one teaches in a comprehensive way," he states.  "Developing soft skills and having a strategic approach to your relationships are critical to your success."

After founding the Toronto office of Heenan Blaikie in 1989, Bacal went on to build and lead the law firm for fifteen years, in which time it became one of Canada's leading firms and employed more than 1100 people. At the pinnacle of his career, he was among the world's leading entertainment attorneys, representing major studios and helping finance Canadian films, television programs, and a number of Hollywood films.

"Only you can be in charge of your future and the moves you make to increase your experience," shares Bacal, "and more important, to experience your relevance."

"If you're struggling with how to move forward in your career, regardless of whether you're in business or almost any other field, this book…is full of realistic action steps that show how to do just that." —Jessica Tofino, Educator and Writer, 5-stars

In this book, you'll receive helpful insight from Bacal and other successful professionals and discover:

  • Why clear, crisp, and confident communication is essential to your success
  • How soft skills and a strategic approach to relationships can build your career
  • The professional impact of common psychological issues and how to handle them
  • How your values play into job fit, satisfaction, and help you make time for what matters most
  • Why the gap between a client's perception and your reality can be dangerous
  • How to set and communicate expectations that leave you and your clients satisfied

"Advice and insights on the dynamics of practice that should be part and parcel of a professional education." —Justice Lorne Sossin, Former Dean, Osgoode Hall Law School

Take Charge removes the guess work for today's graduates and professionals who want tried and true advice to help them build skills, gain experience, and enjoy success. With career lessons from Bacal and more than twenty other successful professionals and leaders, Take Charge is an essential manual for graduates, young professionals, and those who mentor them.

"The final nail to hammer home is this: your career is entirely in your hands," reminds Bacal. "Do not let anyone convince you otherwise. Keep an eye open for opportunity, don't be afraid to take risks, and realize that fear is the only thing holding you back from reaching your full potential."

Take Charge: The Skills That Drive Professional Success (ebook) $7.88, ISBN 978-1988387215   (Paperback) $12.85, 2021, Iguana Books, 203 pages, available at Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

Norman Bacal is a retired attorney and the founder of the Toronto law office Heenan Blaikie. While building and leading this firm, he also became a widely sought expert in tax law for the entertainment business. He has represented studios such as Warner Brothers and MGM, and served on the Board of Directors for Lionsgate while they were producing the Hunger Games film franchise.

Upon retirement from practice in 2015, he took up writing, authoring the Globe and Mail bestselling memoir, Breakdown, as well as his Amazon bestselling fiction novel Odell's Fall and a soon to be released second novel, Ophelia. Bacal actively mentors young professionals and is a frequent keynote speaker at universities, firm retreats, and conferences. Bacall holds a third degree black belt in Shotokan Karate and is an avid golfer. He currently resides in Toronto with his wife, Sharon.

To book Norman Bacal as a speaker, or find further information about Take Charge, Breakdown, Odell's Fall, and Ophelia, visit his website at www.NormanBacal.com.

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