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Lauren Fix Answers Your Car Care Questions: May Newsletter
Lauren Fix, The Car Coach -- Automotive Expert -- Consultant Lauren Fix, The Car Coach -- Automotive Expert -- Consultant
Lancaster, NY
Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 2013
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With rising stock values, and a great review from Consumer Reports, Tesla is having the fiscal time of its life. Tesla is doing so well that it repaid the balance (almost $452 million) on its 465 million dollar loan to the Department of Energy-nine years ahead of schedule. Tesla proudly proclaimed that it is "the only American car company to have fully repaid the government," in an official statement. Terrific.
Chrysler, however, says "no way, we were first." Actually, what Chrysler's blog post said was "Not exactly, Tesla."
And from there the Twitter fight-it's a shame that we have that as part of our vocabulary-devolved from there.

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Does Tesla Deserve Its Rising Stock Price?
The Car Coach Lauren Fix and Northland Capital senior research analyst Colin Rusch debate the outlook for Tesla Motors. Does Tesla deserve its rising stock price or is the new hot car a pet rock for stockbrokers? Watch the debate.
Great Day Houston
Lauren Fix Answers Your Car Care Questions on Great Day Houston   
Don't get stuck on the side of the road! The Car Coach shares important car care tips to keep your car running better for longer, including a handful of excellent automotive products and answering specific car questions from viewers.
Shelby Fix - Car Coach 2.0
Shelby Fix

6 Rules to Help Keep Your Teen Driver Safe
Shelby Fix teams up with USAA
"The daughter of automotive expert Lauren Fix, Shelby raced go-karts at age 7 and was raised on talk of crash-test ratings. She grew up hearing the mantra of a mother who loves cars, but loves her kids more. "My mom always says, 'You can replace cars, but you can't replace a child.' "
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Is an Auto Extended Warranty Worth it?
Is an Auto Extended Warranty Worth it? 
The Willis Report: FOX Business
The Car Coach Lauren Fix appears on FOX to discuss the warranties and add-ons that auto dealers try to sell consumers. Auto industry lending practices are being investigated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Lauren Fix and Marlo Thomas
Mondays With Marlo: 
What You Need To Know When Buying A Car

If you're in the market for a new car, Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, has some great tips that she shared when she joined Marlo Thomas on this episode of Mondays With Marlo.
Chris Jagielski - Technology Column
Technology Column

Sprint Velocity: A New Way To Stay Connected


There was a lot of exciting technology presented at the New York International Auto Show this year, but something that really caught my attention was Sprint Velocity. Sprint is joining the infotainment race to give consumers what they want.  They are already putting the technology in the SRT Viper, Dodge Ram, and Jeep Grand Cherokee.
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Paul Fix II - Motorsports Column
Paul Fix II
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - An exciting and historic event
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca was the site of the featured event for the American Le Mans Series Race, featuring high-tech cars with cutting edge technology in a 4-hour endurance race. The series races consist of five different classes running at the same time, from the ultimate P1 Prototypes, GT, P2, Prototype Challenge and the GT Challenge.
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Lauren Fix on YNN
Lauren Fix's Latest "Car Coach" Segments on YNN

Lauren's YNN segments air 12 times per day on 
Tuesday & Thursday and Video On Demand.
Product Reviews
Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step

Most drivers have no clue how to change a flat tire. The Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step brings new-car technology to every car on the road. No more waiting for a tow truck or bothering with a jack and spare.
Automotive News
1900 car
Electric Cars Are Fast: 
First-Ever U.S. Speeding Ticket
On May 20, 1899, taxi driver Jacob German was caught doing a heady 12 mph down Lexington Street in Manhattan... a bicycle-mounted police officer clocked Mr. German at the illegal speed and set off in pursuit.
Bag Fix

Lauren Fix's The Bag Fix®
Review by Tool Skool
"The Bag Fix fits in between the headrest post on most vehicles and provides a pair of hooks that can hold everything from grocery bags to tool bags. Lauren says she spent 4 years perfecting the design. I'd say it was worth the wait." 
Lying Spouses
Husbands Lie More than Wives about Driving Mistakes
According to a recent survey by Insure.com, 34 percent of married men are keeping a traffic ticket a secret from their wives. Conversely, only 16 percent of married women say they have a secret traffic ticket.
"Family Link" Service from OnStar®

The new "Family Link" service from OnStar allows families to stay connected no matter where they roam. Shelby and I tested out the system and we were both impressed with the ability to stay in touch and relieve parental stress as well.
Shelby Fix and Buffalo Seminary students

Workshop with Lauren and Shelby Fix - Photo Gallery

Lauren Fix 
and Shelby Fix visit Buffalo Seminary to teach students about everything from checking tire pressure to changing the oil to jump-starting the engine. Check out the facebook photo gallery.
Monthly Features
AOL autos and GM
AOL Autos:

NHTSA investigating corrosion problem, and owners are stuck with no easy fix. Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, answers your questions about auto maintenance

Lauren's Blog:

Follow Lauren's latest blog posts, television hits, and auto industry news!

Video of the Month


Video of the Month: 

A dash cam video captured insane acts of road rage on a California highway. 
Hot Car of the Month
HOT Car of the Month

May's hot car is this very HOT 2014 Kia Cadenza, driven by Lauren Fix and photographed by Mark Elias Photography.

June 1-6                NYC - multiple TV appearances
June 2                   WNBC - Ready for the Road
June 7-9                SVRA at the Glen with Trans-Am
June 17-18             Nissan Versa
June 26-27             2014 Ford Model Year Drive Program
        July 10-11             Mercedes S class
        August 13-18         Pebble Beach
September 6-8       SVRA - Watkins Glen
November 3-8        SEMA
December 12-14     PRI (Performance Racing Industry)
Future car reviews with: Chevrolet Suburban, BMW X1, Dodge Ram
Comment of the Month
"Lauren...I heard you talking about cars for teens on WTOP in DC yesterday. You sounded knowledgeable, crisp, professional... and made some really good points."    ~KG
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