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LaFonda Bowen to Direct Global Academy Network
Fred DiUlus, PhD Fred DiUlus, PhD
Orlando, FL
Friday, January 20, 2023



For Immediate Release                                                                          January 20, 2023

LaFonda Bowen to Direct Global Academy Network

LaFonda Bowen of Seminole, Texas has been appointed Executive Director of Global Academy Network, a 12 member global online education conglomerate of a dozen cyber based Ed/Tech organizations. The creative catalyst of the Network is Global Academy Online (GAO), the international online university builder for whom Bowen has served as its President and CEO since 2017.

Joining GAO in 2004 as Communications Director, Ms. Bowen took on several leadership positions over two decades. She lead and co-developed various online higher education projects in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Uganda, Arab Emirates, Switzerland, UK, India, and Canada as well as in multiple US States. She has long been recognized as a pioneer and expert in school, college and university online creation and development. She has co-developed five public universities with GAO as well as a proprietary state by state accreditation program for colleges and universities; one that aids US state approved colleges and international institutions acquire and achieve national and international accreditation to access and recruit students worldwide.

The Global Academy Network includes Powered-By-Global (developers of the University of One™ V/Classroom), GAASCU (Global Assoc. of Accredited Schools, Colleges & Universities), AgingVets (Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund), UP Marketing (University Public Relations & Publishing), CEFE (the Center for Ethics & Free Enterprise certification trainer of Ethics and Entrepreneurship), GlobalAcacemy1 (Professor Training & Certification programs in VR/AR/AI).

The Network is an overarching one stop online Ed/Tech resource that in 2023 will offer its myriad opportunities into K-12 schools throughout the USA to overcome the CoVid pandemic's two year setbacks among the nation's most vulnerable students. The Network's studies show immersive VR/AR learning among students accelerates their knowledge acquisition 14% to 50% from blended to full immersive technology. Either way, Ms. Bowen said "A student's individual learning advance is significant. We will assist schools to close the two year learning gap caused by CoVid".



About: LaFonda Bowen

An Honors Graduate and recognized as the Economics Student of the Year at the University of the Southwest in the early 2000’s, she was among the student leaders that brought this 250 studentbody college to be counted among the top five universities in the world in head to head international entrepreneurship competition sponsored by the Walmart Foundation with co-sponsors counted among many of the Fortune 100 corporate institutions in the world. In addition, Past President of the College, Joan Tucker, founder of the program, was named Best College President among over 400 domestic and international schools competing that included many of the top 50 public universities in the nation.

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