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Karmic Past Life Report
Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Chicago, IL
Sunday, August 23, 2020


The Karmic Past Life Report uses special astrology techniques to analyze your birth chart from a karmic meaning and past life point of view.

With this karma report, you'll have a new understanding about past life experiences that affect your current life.

The Karma Past Life Report is your key to knowing about past actions and how to overcome any related challenges in this life - and capitalize on strengths you developed in past lives.

Karma Meaning

Karma is a word that comes from ancient Sanskrit. At its most basic, this term means "action."

In modern times, karma has come to mean the effects or consequences of your actions.

Negative Karma

Many people think of karma primarily as "negative karma" - meaning all the unpleasant consequences of negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Sayings such as "you reap what you sow" and "what goes around, comes around" express this type of karma's meaning.

If you take actions that sow negativity (such as anger, injustice, or greed), you will reap the consequences of those actions through challenges in relationships, society, and many other facets of life. Those consequences can feel heavy and difficult until you realize why you find yourself in tough circumstances and take steps to change your ways.

Positive Karma

Keep in mind that karma actually is a neutral, impersonal factor.

Its sole purpose is to instruct and guide us toward self-improvement and spiritual realization.

As you work through so-called "negative karma" and learn to refrain from actions that bring on unnecessary suffering, you probably will find it easier to realize how much "positive karma" you also experience.

This positive karma can be seen in the gifts and blessings you enjoy in life, such as a stable childhood, kindly teachers, and various talents or natural abilities.

What You Get In The Karmic Past Life Report

The Karmic Past Life Report is a specialized type of natal report that analyzes your birth chart exclusively for karmic indicators.

Here are the astrology areas this report analyzes to unlock karma meaning in your life:

  • The 12th house, a highly karmic part of your birth chart
  • Saturn, astrology's great teacher and a planet associated with the past, old age, and karma (often, "negative karma")
  • Jupiter, astrology's great benefactor and a planet linked to gifts, talents, and other "positive karma"
  • The Moon's nodes, which show how your past and future lives are connected and the best ways to work with prior experiences (and past lives) to create the current life and future happiness you seek
  • Retrograde planets, which indicate areas needing work to overcome mistakes in past lives

How The Karmic Past Life Report Can Help You

Astrology can help you free yourself from old patterns and problems.

Understanding karmic factors in your birth chart provides one of the simplest ways to move into freedom by releasing old baggage.

The Karmic Past Life Report helps you speed up this process by showing how you sabotage yourself and explaining subconscious or hidden information that may hold you back.

With the awareness you'll gain from this report, you can end habits of self-undoing that undermine progress and happiness in this lifetime. What you learn also will help you tune in to karmic memories and possible guilt or fear in your subconscious so you can clear them (or manage them consciously).

With patience and time, you can overcome old ways of being and balance your karmic scales. As you succeed in this work, your path to personal transformation will open before you, and your ability to live your birth chart fully - and be of greater service to others - will grow.

Birth Time Not Needed – But Helpful If You Have It

You can benefit from this report even if you don’t know your birth time. But if you do have your birth time, you’ll be able to get a bit more information.

If you don’t already have your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now.

Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the Specialized Natal Reports section; see the Karmic Past Life Report and click the pink “View Sample” button to see a sample report.

Get Your Karmic Past Life Report Now

The Karmic Past Life Report is your key to understanding and overcoming karma - as well as benefiting consciously from all the positive actions from your past lives.

With this report, you can set aside old, outworn patterns as well as fears and stumbling blocks. You'll stop making those old mistakes that have kept your from the life you wish for.

As you become conscious of your potential, you'll have a better chance of moving into full expression of your best traits and greatest possible life path.

Start Living THIS Life - Instead Of Repeating Old Mistakes

Let the Karmic Life Path Report help you start living THIS life - and stop repeating mistakes and outworn influences from past lives.

This is a report you'll refer to again and again.

As you work with this report, you'll have the insights you need to improve your life right now. Along the way, you'll build a happier future - both in this life and in future lives.

Get your Karmic Life Path Report now - and get on your way to living happily in the present.

About The Artist

Anne Nordhaus-Bike earned an A.B. in art history from the University of Chicago. She is affiliated with Woman Made Gallery in Chicago and has exhibited widely, including shows at Woman Made, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Hinsdale Center for the Arts as well as numerous galleries, businesses, and other venues.

Her work has been published extensively and featured on television and motion pictures. A noted speaker, she has given numerous presentations on art. She also is a longtime arts journalist. Her art and arts writing have earned awards, both nationally and internationally.

For more information about Nordhaus-Bike, log on to https://artistanne.com/


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