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Just Released Pet Care Guidebook Receives International Book Award

Essential Pet Care Tips
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How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster

An International award-winning new book on pet care is an essential emergency 

guide for feathered friends and fur babies

Santa Barbara, California - Disaster preparation and art restoration experts Diane Stevenett and Scott Haskins have launched a much-needed new resource "How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster" which is now available on Amazon. "It's a really important book especially given the importance of pets in our lives and the risk to them in emergencies," says Haskins. "There was no book on this super important, even urgent, subject. All we could find were one-page flyers on hard to find sites."

New York Times Best Selling Author Raymond Aaron, famous for Chicken Soup for the Soul and more than 160 other books, wrote the forward and has praised the book. "If you are a pet owner, this book is a 'must read' because you know how the care of pets pulls so forcefully on your heartstrings," says Aaron. "There is no other book, as complete and authoritative, on the essential subject in the pet industry."

About the International Book-Award Winning Authors

Awarded in Toronto Canada, Sept. 2020

Scott M. Haskins has worked in the US and Europe as a professional art conservator and preservation expert since 1975. He is considered an emergency preparedness expert for government, corporate and public art related matters since 1994 as the author of the "Save Your Stuff" series which includes family pets because they are part of the "uninsurable treasures" that can be a warm, comforting foundation of a family's culture and heritage. His family cherishes the companionship of pets which also give so much emotional support, reduce stress levels, help relieve loneliness, help the family to interact more, add to a child's self-esteem and promote positive emotional development. One of our main responsibilities towards our pets is ensuring their health, preservation and welfare. Treasured heirlooms and beloved pets both fill a very special place in our emotions and well being


Diane L. Stevenett, Author - Artist, was born in Alberta, Canada, grew up on a farm where art, animals, music, family, community were the center of life. Immersed in the farm life, she talks of bringing home pregnant stray dogs, cats, hiding and feeding baby pigs considered the runts, taking rubber bands off the tails of sheep thinking it was cruel, and always having a dog at her side, even throughout college.  


Ms. Stevenett holds an MFA in sculpture, has owned art galleries, is a renowned parade artist and costume maker, is a former Creative Arts Director and a County Arts Commissioner in Santa Barbara and is also an award-winning singer, with a deep love for writing and storytelling. She has also worked for many years as a mural conservation technician and disaster response treatment technician for Fine Art Conservation Laboratories in Santa Barbara, CA. 

The new book has already received in Sept. 2020 a prestigious international book award from the publishing industry in Toronto, Canada. The award given was "Best Guide Book for Protecting & Saving Loved House Pets and Treasured Collectibles."

"We are thrilled that 'How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster' has received this highly deserved recognition by the publishing industry for its value in the how-to fields of pet care, emergency preparedness and protecting collectibles at home from pets." says Stevenett.

If you think about it… your family heirlooms and treasured family history items tell the story of your family and are of heartfelt importance for generations of people. They trigger memories and document your family's legacy. Your house pets are also a heartfelt emotional part of your life. It would be tragic for either to be badly damaged, lost or destroyed. Yet, these two parts of your life are usually not insurable against fires, water damage, etc!

If your house was on fire and you had to grab 'n go, 

would you grab your house pet or your family heirloom?


How can you replace the family bible? And you can't replace, exactly, your sweet therapy cat that curls up in your lap. It's worth the effort to think ahead, prepare important members – and momentos of your family for an emergency and feel the emotional peace of having taken action. Our main business is the preservation and restoration of artwork and at any given time, we will often have several items in the lab that have been damaged by house pets. Many times the damage to treasured valuable collectibles occurs when the owner tries to transport heirlooms and pets at the same time. The results can be expensive to remedy, one of the more recent ripped paintings we repaired was caused by an Australian Cattle dog which cost $3,500.00 to restore back to great condition.


There are literally hundreds of suggestions you have not thought of and a wide variety of situations… like traveling with pets and car accidents, for which you can quickly be better prepared. Being prepared suggests that you brainstorm as many suggestions in this book as you can and begin implementing the tips that seem most important to you.

How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster can be bought at a discount on Amazon. Click here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08MS5KJLT The price of the book includes continuing education email tips with relative information for which you will need to go to the website at https://www.ProtectYourPetGuideBook.com after the purchase to sign up. Kindle also available. For media, contact co-author Scott M. Haskins, 805 570 4140 faclartdoc@gmail.com

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