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Jeff Epstein from Prison Expert --- Risks of Future Artificial Intelligence
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Monday, August 12, 2019

Jeff Epstein form Prison Expert --- Risks of Future Artificial Intelligence
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*What Could Have Happened to Jeff Epstein?
I'm Larry Levine and having spent 10 years as a Federal Inmate and 2 years at MDC Los Angeles which is pretty much the same as MCC  where Jeff Epstein allegedly hung himself, and having been held in the SHU, I have a working knowledge of the protocols used within the BOP at the 12  MCC, MDC and FDC Federal Detention Centers. 
First off, when he allegedly tried to commit suicide on July 23, reports say he was asssualted by his Cellie in the Special Housing Unit (SHU), then they were saying he tried to kill himself. We may never know the truth to that. But apparently, his goal was to show the Federal Court that the BOP was unable to protect him and he should be on Home Confinement.
Larry Levine:
*Inciting American Violence
The latest mass murder cases make a case for liability against the President like the skinhead murder of Mulugeta Seraw in Portland Oregon November 13, 1988 that later bankrupted a skinhead group called the White Aryan Resistance (WAR).  The courts found them liable for encouraging their members to commit racial murder, and $18 million was awarded to the plaintiffs.
Dr. Robert W. Reuschlein
**  Just Published: Risks of Future Artificial Intelligence
A new article appears in the scientific journal, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, (an Elsevier publication), "Will computers revolt?", by Charles J. Simon of Future AI, Washington DC.
"Most people agree there are risks associated with the future of artificial intelligence.  This article explores longer term AI development and evaluates the risks," says Simon in the article which details four unique scenarios describing the relationship and interaction between humanity and future AI systems.
Charles J. Simon of Future AI, Washington DC
** August 16: Rise Again El Paso
Gail Rubin will bring words of healing to the El Paso community that can help those still coping with the El Paso mass shooting tragedy. 
The title of her talk refers the the refrain of the Stan Rogers song, "The Mary Ellen Carter." The song is an inspirational hymn about triumphing over great odds. It tells the story of a heroic effort to salvage a sunken ship, the Mary Ellen Carter, by members of her former crew.
Gail Rubin, The Doyenne of Death, Funeral Expert
Cell or Text:  505-363-7514
*Changes to New York Landlord Tenant Law Took Effect June 2019
Sweeping changes to New York's residential landlord-tenant law took effect in June 2019.
Tracy Jong:
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