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Irma Garcia and Eva Mireles
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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Dallas, TX
Saturday, May 27, 2023


In the peaceful town of Uvalde, Texas, there stood a small yet vibrant elementary school called Robb Elementary. This school was a beacon of learning and growth for the children of the community. At the heart of this nurturing environment were two exceptional teachers: Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia.
Eva Mireles, a beloved 42-year-old teacher with a warm smile, was known for her unwavering dedication and love for her students. Her passion for education shone through in every lesson she taught. Irma Garcia, 35 years old, was a remarkable educator described as a real-life Superwoman. Her energy and enthusiasm were contagious, and her students admired her.

Tragedy struck one ordinary day when chaos erupted within the walls of Robb Elementary. An armed individual, filled with malice, infiltrated the school with the intention to harm. Panic gripped the hallways as children and teachers frantically sought refuge from the impending danger.
In the midst of the chaos, Eva and Irma sprang into action, their instincts as teachers and protectors taking over. They swiftly guided their students to a nearby classroom, aiming to shield them from the impending threat. The children, frightened and bewildered, looked up to their brave teachers for comfort and guidance.

As the assailant neared their location, Eva and Irma made a decision that would forever define their legacy. They positioned themselves between the intruder and their students, using their bodies as human shields. With immense courage and selflessness, they stood strong, willing to give their lives to protect the innocent children in their care.

The deafening sound of gunshots echoed through the halls, shattering the tranquility that once enveloped the school. Eva and Irma bore the brunt of the attack, absorbing the bullets intended for the children they loved like their own.

Eva Mireles and Irma Garcia will forever be remembered as the heroes of Robb Elementary, their names etched in the annals of bravery. Their sacrifice inspired a renewed commitment to ensuring the safety of schools and the protection of every child’s right to education without fear.

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