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Interview: Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert Charles J. Simon -- Artificial Intelligence Expert
Washington, DC
Wednesday, August 28, 2019



An Interview with AI expert Charles J. Simon

"The next generation of artificial intelligence technology innovation continues to develop at an exponential rate," says Charles J. Simon, Founder and CEO of FutureAI.  "It can be difficult to grasp the significance of the impact and raises questions about just how it will affect our world in the long-term."  

One example of such technology is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), the creation of computers which equal or exceed human intelligence. Movies, pop culture, and media, present AGI as a far-off fantasy, it is, in fact, right around the corner. AGI's development raises a number of ethical questions that have an immediate need to be addressed: Will AGI become smarter than humans and when? Will AGI replace humans in the workforce, and how do we combat the possible rise in unemployment? Will we eventually lose control of the technology? And most importantly, will computers revolt?

Computer expert, nationally-recognized software developer and pioneer in the field, Mr. Simon, explores these pressing questions.

"Will computers become smarter than humans?" proposes Simon. "The answer is yes, as the march of technology will eventually lead to computers with more processing power than the human brain. The future is inevitable and decisions we make today will impact the future of humankind."

Immediately available for interviews, expert commentary, and speaking engagements, Mr. Simon will share a unique perspective on what and how humanity should prepare for the next technological revolution. With insight and eye-opening revelations only a pioneer in the field can provide, Simon can explore such questions as:

  • When should we expect AGI to become a reality?
  • How and why intelligent computers will develop?
  • How will AGI differ from human intelligence, and how will it eventually surpass our own?
  • How can a computer become smarter than a human if they are designed by humans?
  • Will computers eventually replace humans in the workforce?
  • Can computers be creative, sentient, feeling, or truly intelligent?
  • Can humans maintain control of such a complex, intelligent system?
  • How can decisions we make today about AGI impact the future of humanity, and what steps can humankind take to avoid catastrophe?
  • Will computers, in fact, eventually revolt?

About Charles J. Simon, BSEE MSCS

Founder/CEO of FutureAI, Charles Simon is a nationally recognized computer software/hardware expert, author and speaker, with broad management and technical expertise.

Mr. Simon’s experience includes pioneering work in AI, neuroscience, and CAD.  His technical experience includes the creation of two unique Artificial Intelligence systems along with software for EEGs and other neurological test equipment. Combining AI development with biomedical nerve signal testing gives him the singular insight needed to create his new software Brain Simulator II with real-world interaction and the successful book, Will Computers Revolt? Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence available for order on Amazon.

 About FutureAI

An Artificial General Intelligence (“AGI”) research company founded by AI pioneer and successful entrepreneur, Charles J. Simon.  Privately funded, the company is creating and promoting AGI technologies as a pathway to creating systems on a par with human intelligence.   The new “Brain Simulator II” flagship software, and the well-reviewed Will Computers Revolt? book are keystones of the company, along with the companion video series: “About Your Brain” and “About Brain Simulator”


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