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International Platform Association Welcomes All Professional Speakers to Join its Esteemed Ranks
International Platform Association International Platform Association
Georgetown, DC
Friday, April 14, 2023


The International Platform Association (IPA) is excited to extend an invitation to all professional speakers from various fields to join its prestigious association. The IPA, known for its rich history and exceptional benefits, is seeking after-dinner speakers, artists, authorities, authors, celebrities, coaches, comedians, connoisseurs, consiglieres, consultants, curmudgeons, debaters, educators, emcees, entertainers, experts, facilitators, humorists, instructors, journalists, keynoters, lecturers, magicians, motivators, mouthpieces, musicians, opera singers, orators, politicians, professors, promoters, rhetoricians, speakers, speaker bureau execs, speechmakers, spokespersons, storytellers, teachers, TedX speakers, thought-leaders, trainers, vaudeville tribute actors, virtuosos, wizards, and writers.

Founded in 1831 as the American Lyceum Association by statesman Daniel Webster and educator Josiah Holbrook, the IPA has evolved over the years to meet the changing landscape of speaking engagements. Having held meetings in Washington, D.C. since 1965, past speakers include President Lyndon B. Johnson, Governor Nelson Rockefeller, poet Carl Sandburg, activists Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader, and Secretaries of State Daniel Webster and Henry Kissinger.

Benefits of IPA membership include a dedicated Platform page showcasing your social media, such as live Twitter feeds and YouTube videos, search engine optimization benefits with inbound links, and a 15% discount on upgrades to our partner site, www.ExpertClick.com.

The IPA has received numerous accolades from satisfied members, with many reporting increased exposure and speaking engagements as a result of their association with the IPA.

Membership is free* for bona-fide professional speakers, including members of the National Speakers Association, international affiliates of the Global Speakers Federation, and speakers listed by bureaus that are members of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus.  There is $5 annual validation cost to help us keep the profiles current.

To register or learn more about the IPA, visit www.InternationalPlatform.org, call (202) 333-5000, or email CEO@InternationalPlatform.org.

*See full membership details on www.InternationalPlatform.org.

About International Platform Association The International Platform Association is one of America's first associations, dedicated to providing a marketplace for speakers and promoting public speaking across various industries. With an impressive roster of past speakers and exceptional membership benefits, the IPA is the go-to organization for professional speakers seeking to increase their visibility and expand their networks.


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