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Interactive Dining Etiquette Course Released
Kate Zabriskie - Training Course Program Seminar Workshop Kate Zabriskie - Training Course Program Seminar Workshop
Washington , DC
Monday, January 08, 2018


May The Fork Be With You! Business Training Works has released its latest onsite training course, May the Fork Be with You: Mastering Business Meals. The workshop is offered onsite to private groups and covers such topics as table manners, hosting, being a good guest, making conversation, networking, and dealing with the unexpected.

The program targets executives, salespeople, and others who must entertain as part of their workplace responsibilities.

Each participant will leave the program with a set of specific guidelines and an understanding of what is acceptable at the dinner table.

Questions answered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Which glasses is mine?
  • I don't like this. Do I still have to eat it?
  • My date is drunk. How do I deal with that?
  • My client is drunk. What should I do now?
  • I was invited out, but nobody is making a move to pay; what now?
  • The person I'm sitting next to doesn't speak much English. How do I make conversation?
  • The person next to me just "took a taste from my plate." REVOLTING! What do I do now?

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Kate Zabriskie
Business Training Works, Inc.
Port Tobacco, MD