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Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Incredible Generosity

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Incredible Generosity


TITLE: Inspired by Taylor Swift's Incredible Generosity

SUBTITLE: Hundreds of Wham-O Super Ball Toys Headed for children

With hopes of sending some healing to the plights of children in the war-torn Middle East now ready to receive donations, Burbank-based Chiropractor Dr. Bruce Holmes and Author and Entrepreneur Michael J. Herman are sending hundreds of new Wham-O Toys Super Balls to help jump start the emotional recovery process.

"Toys are an integral component of childhood. Toys offer safety and stimulate imagination, in turn increasing the development of cognitive skills," noted Dr. Holmes. Research has also shown that children who engage in play are more likely to benefit from better problem-solving and social skills.

Toy balls are perhaps the most widespread toys of all and the Herman-Holmes team has a whamo of a story to tell themselves.

When the Wham-O Toy Company closed its factories in Los Angeles, Dr. Bruce Holmes acquired the entire remaining inventory of 165,000      Wham-O Super Balls and is now bringing back the art of super ball play for children everywhere. The entire remaining global supply of brand-new, unpackaged, unsold Wham-O Super Balls is cloistered somewhere in Burbank, waiting for their first bounce.

"There are so many balls that Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift's current boyfriend can stand in them and be completely covered" suggests Herman, a big                      Taylor Swift fan.

It has been determined that:

·    Playing with toy balls relieves tension.

·    Bouncing toy balls stimulates imagination

·    Bouncing toy balls increases IQ, eye-hand motor coordination

·    Bouncing toy balls provides therapeutic benefits

·    Bouncing toy balls has cardiovascular benefits

"The Hamas attacks on Israel of October 7, 2023, have left scores of Israeli children without a sense of safety or fun. Without these ingredients, young minds cannot grow or even recover from this tragedyWith this donation of many hundreds of these toys to the children of the region, we hope to start the healing" says Michael J. Herman, who is the Managing Director for Project Restore Fun.

"With the assistance of Rabbi Yakov "Yanky" Kahn of

Los Angeles'  Chabad of The Valley Synagogue, these toys will be distributed individually to suffering children ages 5 and up throughout the region. First throughout Israel, and hopefully when diplomatic relations are restored, to the children of Gaza, as well.

"There's nothing like the fun of bouncing a ball to restore the childlike quality of life. Even in a warzone. What is forgotten in this crisis are the children. If we don't save them, then all can be lost." 

For more information on Project RestoreFun, contact (818) 441-9288 or contact Herman at:  projectrestorefun@yahoo.com.

Please let me know if and how I can be of value.
Michael J. Herman, Speaker-Writer-Author-Entrepreneur
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