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For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Las Vegas, NV
Saturday, February 8, 2020

Infinity Xhttp://www.infinityx.usMon, 03 Jun 2019 19:56:53 +0000enhourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.2.4Things To Think Abouthttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/things-to-think-about/http://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/things-to-think-about/#respondMon, 03 Jun 2019 19:56:53 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=436Continue reading →]]>SEND IN THE CLOWNS

No, not the song.  I’m referring to the Democratic candidates for POTUS, 2020.  As of May 17, 2019 there were 252 Democrats who have filed to run for President, of which 23 have been making a lot of noise and are actually getting donations.  Some of the lyrics of the song are:

“Don’t you love farce
My fault, I fear
I thought that you’d want what I want
Sorry my dear
But where are the clowns
Quick, send in the clowns
Don’t bother they’re here.”

So what are they going to do with all of their clowns?  I predicted over a month ago that Biden will be their standard bearer.  Why Biden?  Because he does represent the middle of the road of a wide variety of wannabes whose claim to fame will only be that they tried to run or were thinking of running for POTUS.  Only he can bring together a party that is fractured like no other.  However, Biden does come with a lot of baggage as well as being representative of the old time glib talking politician who will kiss a baby’s ass and then steal its lollipop.  It should be an interesting election.


Socialistic programs are okay, within reason, provided you have the capitalistic engine with which to generate the wherewithal to pay for the socialistic programs.  Those who promote socialism as a way of life without thinking it through must be out to lunch as well as completely and totally oblivious to the fact that the two largest countries on this planet, according to their size and population, Russia and China, have embraced capitalism.


Years ago we had a saying: “If you can’t do, then teach”.  Some of our so-called teachers of today must be getting their lesson material from “Alice in Wonderland” as they seem to be totally lacking in their knowledge of history, any kind of history, wherein they substitute their own opinions or wishful thinking regarding events of the past.  No one and no country is or has ever been perfect.  There are many today who seek to eliminate or censor any controversial aspects of our history because they deem them to be offensive.  So that we always know where we came from and where we are going, it is imperative that we retain all aspects of our history, warts and all, as painful as it may be.


It is a word that is often used to describe the corruption of or by the State of California.  As of late California has embarked on a program of self immolation wherein they have, together with declaring themselves a sanctuary state, decided to import poverty from other countries when it is already prevalent throughout the state in the form of the homeless.  Instead of using its resources to intentionally create more poverty by aiding and abetting the wholesale importation of illegal aliens or undocumented aliens, California should first take care of its own homeless population.  If they do not do this the ultimate result will be an untenable strain on all of their facilities and health resources.  For a state as rich as California, known as the “Golden State”, that has always considered itself to be in the forefront of whatever, the army of the homeless that is increasing day by day is inexcusable.  What California should do is to forget politics and face reality, the real reality, and start taking care of its own.


Any business that grows into a monopoly and acts in restraint of trade vis a vis its competitors is in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.  These provisions have been applied in a number of cases over the years.  It’s time to take a look at the monolith media sites, namely FACEBOOK.  Some will argue that it is not engaging in trade as we know it.  What it is dealing in is not trade per se but human thought, a far greater commodity than any trade.


We have term limits for the office of President, two to be exact, and possibly three if the person was first the Vice President and the President died prior to completion of the first term and was filled by the Vice President before going on to two terms as the President.  Why don’t we have similar term limits for all of our other elected officials? The way it is now members of Congress and the Senate can go on forever.  In other words they have a job that will continue on into perpetuity.  It’s not right.

And The Beat Goes Onhttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/and-the-beat-goes-on/Mon, 22 Apr 2019 18:35:06 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=431Continue reading →]]>Someone said years ago that we are all born stupid but some of us have to work extra hard in order to stay that way.  Those are not the exact words but that is the gist of it.


According to the Wall Street Journal the number of these infuriatingly, annoying and thoroughly obnoxious telephone solicitations is pushing fifty billion per year.  Holy shit.  It’s a fucking epidemic.  I myself receive about 3,000 of these calls per year.  I even get calls from THE UNITED STATES.  The first time I received such a call I truly thought that the President was calling me.

And why do they pester me with these calls?  They want to help me with my student loan or mortgage, neither of which do I have.

So how do we put an end to this epidemic which is growing by leaps and bounds?  We should institute the death penalty for the violators.  It could consist of stoning as in biblical times or forcing the culprit to drink hemlock as the ancient Greeks did.   Or we could employ more modern methods such as the electric chair, the firing squad or use lethal intra venous injections.  I would not include burning alive at the stake nor the drawn and quarter method as they are much too barbaric.  I would try to keep it simple.

Seriously, the government could easily put a stop to this practice if it really wanted to.  Or the people could take the matter into their own hands by declaring a nation wide boycott wherein they refuse to pay their phone bills because the phone companies permitted their phones to be compromised and they could easily have stopped this complicity if they would think beyond their cash register.  At five cents per call fifty billion calls comes out to $2,500,000,000.  That’s a pretty big phone bill to give up so easily.


The best shot that the Democrats have to beat Trump is Biden so why are they ripping him apart?  So he sniffed someone’s hair.  Big deal.  If she really didn’t want anyone to sniff her hair she shouldn’t have primped it so and put it out there for everyone to marvel at.  Of the twenty or so Democrats seeking to unseat Trump, half of them are clowns, a couple of them are pugnacious publicity seekers and the rest of them, with the exception of Biden, were unheard of before they decided to throw their hat into the ring.  So, which of them would you pick to lead our country?


He wasn’t supposed to win and that’s what started it all.  Plain  and  simple.  Aside from all of the lies concocted against him the one that really got everyone to have a cow was the lie about  his alleged collusion with Russia, which was promulgated by a fake dossier that was conjured and paid for by the opposition.  Every Democrat jumped on this bandwagon and put all of their hopes and dreams on this insane accusation.  Everyone who hated him absolutely loved this narrative, especially the talk show hosts.  And all of the TV commentators happily joined in this massive game of “Telephone” wherein they simply repeated what someone else said, putting their own spin on it and never once bothering to check the facts.

An investigation was implemented, not by the Republicans, but strictly by the Democrats and after almost two years, lo and behold, these Democrats found absolutely no evidence of any collusion, period.  Because the results of this investigation by the Democrats did not fit in with their accusations of the past two years, they now come up with every manner of excuse so as not to have to go along with the findings of the Special Counsel and they are talking about investigating their own investigators.  Now that the report of the Special Counsel is  finally released I find it strange that although it says that there was no evidence of obstruction, they still cannot exonerate Trump.  They must really not like him.

And what of the two Congressmen that have claimed on live TV that they have or have seen the actual evidence of collusion?  They put all of their marbles on this false scenario because it coincided with their wishful thinking and they swore by it so that if Trump did in fact collude, they could say, “I told you so”. Since Trump did not collude, they lied about having or seeing this, “evidence of collusion”.

No matter what the report says or doesn’t say one thing is for certain.  Those who believed in Trump will say that the report is nothing short of a victory and those who hated him all along will say that he is still guilty as sin.  In retrospect, it is also a no-win for either side as well as a total waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

Collusion Delusionhttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/collusion-delusion/Mon, 01 Apr 2019 15:23:18 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=428Continue reading →]]>I have a lot of friends, at least I did, as well as a lot of relatives who blindly and unequivocally hate Trump to the very core.  A lot of them are not going to talk to me nor have anything to do with me after this blog airs.  Do I really care?  Not in the least.

For the past twenty two months I have listened to the shrill diatribes of a host of so called TV reporters.  These people are not reporters.  They are commentators playing the game of, “Telephone”, wherein one commentator comments and the next commentator in line repeats what he or she heard from the first commentator, adding their own spin or version of the, “facts”, with all of the participants in this game of, “Telephone”, never once corroborating or fact checking the allegations of the first commentator.  Is this how they learned to do it in journalism school?

An investigation was initiated against Trump that was based on unsubstantiated allegations which everyone now knows were not only unsubstantiated but actual lies as well as being paid for by the opposition.  This twenty two month long investigation was by no means non-partisan.  It was conducted by a group of flaming Democrats, some of whom actually contributed to the campaign of Hillary.

And now that it is all over and the investigators found no evidence of collusion and the Attorney General has stated that there was no obstruction of justice, the Democrats will have none of that and now want to investigate the investigators.  Give me a break.

In retrospect it appears that the Democrats were trying to accomplish a legal coup d’etat or takedown of a duly elected President that was promulgated by a series of lies that have been extrapolated beyond anyone’s imagination.

The media keeps on harping that the Office of The Special Counsel did nail some thirty four individuals.  Remember, the mandate to the Special Counsel was to look for evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.  So who did they nail, and why?

To start off with there were twenty five Russians, you know, the hackers who were able to penetrate the Democratic National Committee and yet not effect the outcome of one solitary vote.  They’re back in Russia now.  If they were indicted, big deal.  It’s just a lot of window dressing for the Special Counsel.

In addition to the twenty five Russians there was Konstantin Kilimnik, an alleged Russian spy, also back in Russia, who worked with Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and was indicted.

Roger Stone was indicted, not convicted, regarding the leaks of the Wikileaks as they pertain to the missing Clinton emails.  He was the one who was arrested at the crack of dawn with a slew of AR-15’s pointed at him with CNN being notified in advance to be there with their cameras to record the event.

General Flynn pleaded guilty because he allegedly lied to Congress.  What did he actually lie about?  Was it a matter of national security?  Apparently it had to do with his meetings with the Russians during the transition of President Trump.

Richard Pinedo pleaded guilty and served six months plus 100 hours of community service because of his involvement with identity fraud.

Alex van der Zwaam, a Dutch attorney, served thirty days and paid a fine of $20,000 because he lied to the FBI about his work for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

George Papadopoulos served fourteen days and paid a fine of $9,500 because he lied to the FBI about something or other.

Michael Cohen lied and is still lying.  He did commit bank fraud and tax evasion which has been proven and was the result of the clients he scammed because he was so called practicing law under the color of his being the personal lawyer of Trump.

Rick Gates, a flunky of Paul Manafort, had no choice but to plead guilty.

Paul Manafort, who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar, big time, was convicted and is now in the slammer for a few years.  But his crimes all took place before Trump.

And there you have it.  You don’t believe me?  Google it.

What Part Of “No Collusion” Do They Not Understandhttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/what-part-of-no-collusion-do-they-not-understand/Tue, 26 Mar 2019 20:25:28 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=425Continue reading →]]>INTELLIGENT LIFE ON EARTH

Ever hear of SETI?  It stands for Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, wherein the scientists probe the heavens for signs of intelligent life.  But they have yet to look at Earth for signs of intelligent life.

The Democratic representative from California, who I will not name but you know who he is, said on live TV that he has all the evidence to prove that collusion between Trump and the Russians took place.  I guess he forgot to turn it over to Mueller.  His initials are AS, or maybe it should be ASS.  About sixty five years ago there was a representative from the state of Wisconsin, whose initials are JM, who said that everyone in our State Department is a communist and that he had all the evidence to prove it.  You don’t believe me or you think this comparison was made up?  Google it.

People ask me what TV programs I watch to get the news.  I watch MSNBC and FOX.  Why do I watch the two stations that are diametrically opposed to one another.  I’ll tell you why.  A couple go out on a date.  Let’s assume that the couple is a traditional couple consisting of a male and a female or, if you prefer, a female and a male.  After their date, the male is bragging to his friends how easy it was for him to, “score”, etc., etc., etc. while the female is confiding to her friends that she didn’t even kiss her date, not even once.  You know what?  They both lied.  So where is the truth?  Somewhere in between.  Where do I think the truth in reporting the truth lies?  Based on my own assessment of what I have seen and heard, not by what certain commentators have shrilled about on TV, it is certainly not with MSNBC.


Their silence during this entire matter of collusion has been deafening.  If it was the intent of the Russians to harm our country they absolutely succeeded by maintaining their strict silence and doing nothing to dispel the political upheaval, distrust and lies, yes lies, that our media permitted to run rampant and actually participated in.


When I was a kid I had absolutely no clue as to why the, “founding fathers”, included the condition for winning a Presidential election to be based on the Electoral College  as it made no sense to me.  And then I did a little research.  I learned that If it were not for the Electoral College, a population center or centers such as California or New York could easily sway a Presidential election without any regard to the rest of the country.  While Representatives of the House are based on the population of each district, each state will have two Senators regardless of the population of the respective state, having the same effect as the Electoral College when it comes to passing legislation.

Colorado just recently came out with doing away with the Electoral College.  Are they stupid or what?  Don’t they realize that such a move will only serve to reduce their impact on a Presidential election?


At last count there are some twenty applicants who want to unseat Trump in 2020.  Some of them are outright bona fide publicity seeking clowns.  Some of them are newly minted wannabes that you never heard of because they only recently crept out from behind the woodwork.  So who could best give Trump a run for the money?

Only one.  Biden.  Granted, he comes with a lot of baggage, by today’s standards, but people forget whenever it is convenient for them to do so.  Most importantly, he is not part and parcel of the lunatic left and there is a good chance that he will be the choice of the middle-of-the road Democrats, the real Democrats.

If they do pick him, he will need a suitable running mate who has not been overly contaminated by an abundance of adverse press, preferably a female.  Will their choice for VP be Stacey Abrams?  Not likely.  So who then?  My guess is Kirsten Gillibrand.  They do photograph well which is a lot more important than you think.  The only problem that I have with Biden is that he may not want to rely on the election but instead challenge Trump to a winner-take-all fist fight in back of the barn.

Give Me A Good Shovel and A Pair Of Hip Bootshttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/give-me-a-good-shovel-and-a-pair-of-hip-boots/Wed, 13 Mar 2019 15:59:54 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=422Continue reading →]]> ELON MUSK IS FULL OF SHIT

We bought the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 with all of the extras so that it topped out at around $60,000, give or take, which included the purported 310 mile driving radius.  What good is a car if it can’t make it non stop from Vegas to LA?  Right?

After making sure that we had a 100% charge we set out from Las Vegas early in the AM.  To make a long story short we were down to 18%, a drop of 82% in battery power, by the time we reached the Lenwood exit just past Barstow which was roughly one half of the way to our destination.  There were plenty of charging stations at that location but no way could we have made LA without a full re-charge.

While at the charging station I struck up a conversation with another Tesla owner and told him of my problem to which he said: :”The 310 mile driving radius is contingent upon a speed of 60 mph”, to which I said, “Are you kidding me?  Who drives at 60 mph while driving from Las Vegas to LA, except maybe little old ladies from Pasadena.”

You would think that somewhere in all of the literature, promos, TV commercials and so forth, this factor would be made known.  Not a chance.  Not even in the small print.   I guess Elon Musk never heard about, “truth in advertising.”

Other than that, the car is truly awesome.


This statement is not political.  It is based on common sense.  Why in the world would an attorney, even a crooked attorney, any attorney in fact, roll over on his employer?  The only reason that makes sense is that the Feds really had something on him and they were ready to nail him to the cross, even though he’s Jewish, unless he was able to, “give them something”, anything, even it was only circumstantial or based solely on innuendo.

So what did they have on him?  I’ll tell you what.  He was selling the prestige, or notoriety if you will, of his employer thereby lining his pockets by lining up clients with deep pockets that were more than willing to enter into fat retainer agreements on the premise that this was a connection second to none.  I checked out this premise with some banking experts and they whole heartedly agreed.  Since Michael Cohen was no legal genius, how else was he able to amass a net worth of 100 million?  A few of his deep pocket clients were AT&T, Novartis and a firm that manages assets for a Russian billionaire.  Now he’s only worth a paltry million or two.

I have been trying to find out specifically what he lied to Congress about.  All that I was able to verify was that he erred in his statement regarding when Trump discontinued his negotiations for a project in Moscow, first saying that it was in January of 2016 and then later that it was in June of 2016.  I guess that we’ll have to wait for the Mueller Report, which is supposed to be available on line in a couple of weeks.

In the final analysis, his real crimes included tax evasion and bank fraud, which make sense, for which the charges may be dropped and he may not have to serve any jail time.  It is truly amazing that when someone is about to have the hammer dropped on them how quickly they, “get religion”, and are ready to turn over a new leaf even though it has been shown that certain points in his testimony conflict with known and proven facts.  


To begin with, every country that ever tried it, including China and Russia who have since embraced capitalism, either switched to capitalism or are going under if they didn’t switch.  In theory the idea sounds good.  In actual practice it is a dud with no exceptions, a total failure.  Think about it, if you can think.

Is there a happy middle ground?  Well, we already have Social Security and a limited Medicare program for some.  Those are social programs.  In the early sixties someone asked me what I thought about the continual posturing between the US and the USSR and where it would lead.  I pulled out a dollar bill, pointed to it and said, “This is the future, not red, white and blue or red, but green.  In time the USSR will become capitalistic and the US will become more socialistic.  It is inevitable.”  He looked at me like I was crazy.

Socialists who think that they can legislate economic parity in their country have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about American History or the History of The World.  Remember this.  Abraham Lincoln lied.  Yes, everyone has equal rights, supposedly.  But not everyone is equal.  Some are more equal.  That’s the way it is.  This means that some people for a variety of reasons are able to accumulate wealth whereas some people for a variety of reasons are doomed to failure no matter what they do.  Is this justification for over penalizing those who are successful?

Take Bernie Sanders, the erstwhile Senator from Vermont.  If you Google him you’ll find that he had a lackluster career no matter what he tried, professional and personal.  He’s a Jewish guy from Brooklyn.  What the hell is he doing in Vermont?  Is he a skier or what?  Is he a carpetbagger who got lost and went north instead of south?  Are the citizens of Vermont just a bunch of stupid hicks who can’t find a suitable candidate among their own?  I know, I know.  Richard Nixon from California and Hillary Clinton from Arkansas both did the same with New York.  

Take AOC, the junior Congress kid from New York.  Although well meaning, she is woefully ignorant of the facts and knows absolutely nothing about the history of her own country nor the world for that matter while the appeal to her base consists of the pandering, with pie in the sky statements, to those in the lowest rung of the economic and educational stratum.  

Take Venezuela, at one time one of the richest countries in South America but since they went Socialistic, they’re up shit’s creek without a paddle.

Take some of the new elected representatives that espouse ideas that are totally alien to our Constitution.  It is a fact that if they voiced similar thoughts in the country of their origin or that of their parents, they would surely be imprisoned, or worse.  And some of these newly minted representatives are talking about the latest in-word, that of impeachment.  They should first take the time to read the Constitution.  I did.  No where in it does it mention, not liking someone as justification for impeachment

I Don’t Know Where To Beginhttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/i-dont-know-where-to-begin/Thu, 28 Feb 2019 18:52:38 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=419Continue reading →]]>I stopped writing my weeklyblogs because, quite frankly, I felt as though I was talking to a brickwall.  To put it another way it was as though I was shoveling shit againstthe tide.

So why am I writing now?  Because, believe it or not, people have asked mewhy I ever stopped and that they missed my no nonsense, no bullshit way ofgetting to the bottom of things.

So where do I begin?


The press likes to put themselves above everyone and everything, as though theywere on some lofty pedestal, beating their chests and proclaiming to all whowould listen that a free country is possible only when you have a freepress.  Yes.  It is true that a free country is contingent upon a freepress.

Over a hundred years ago William Randolph Hearst was the acknowledged master of“yellow journalism”, wherein if you told a lie or offered a distorted point ofview long enough, people will begin to believe it.  Where else in thehistory of the world has this ever happened?

The press no longer reports.  The press comments.  Are we, theAmerican people, so stupid that we cannot decide anything for ourselves andmust have the press do our thinking for us?

The movies of the thirties and the forties glamorized the press wherein thereporters, not commentators, always sought out the truth so as to get a “scoop”over their competitors.  And of course to sell more papers.

I am old enough to remember the vitriol and hatred generated by the insanity ofthe Hollywood Blacklist and the unsubstantiated accusations attributed to theMcCarthy era.  Even then the press joined in what was expected ofthem.  In the case of the Blacklist, the alleged perpetrators were houndedincessantly and eventually could not work at their craft unless they flipped ontheir friends or associates or were able to work under an assumed name. In the case of McCarthy, it took a courageous person, namely Edward R. Murrow,a reporter, to call him out.  The point I am trying to make, is that thepress, even if it violently hates someone or something, it must present thefacts without any bias and more importantly, independently verify what itprints and not simply repeat the headlines of its competitors because it fitsthe moment of the time.

Case in point.  Just recently a minor player on a TV series apparentlydecided to cook up a fake attack upon himself in order garner attention andperhaps help his career.  Without any of the facts of the alleged attackbeing investigated, the media ran wild with the story and before you could say,“Jack Robinson”, it was plastered all over the TV networks with the variouscommentators, not news reporters, blaming President Trump for the attack,calling him just about every name under the sun.

When I was a kid and lived in Baltimore, MD, a young girl about my age asked mewhere I was from.  When I said, “New York”, she automatically assumed thatI was Jewish and said, without having any facts or evidence, “You killedChrist”.  Needless to say, I was completely dumbfounded and my responsewas, “I didn’t even know him”.  Duh.

Lo and behold, the Chicago PD is now filing charges against this actor,apparently for having concocted the entire story and causing them to wastevital resources that could be put to better use.  Yet those who were soquick to rush to judgement when the story first broke are now saying that, “Weshould first wait until all of the facts are in before rushing tojudgement”.  Duh.  Double duh.


I remember when I was about ten years old asking my mother about the twopolitical parties, the Democratic and the Republican.  Her answer was thatthe Democratic Party was for the people and the Republican Party representedthe rich.  I believed this for a long time.  Over the years Ilearned, to my surprise, that with the exception of Harry Truman, all of theDemocratic Presidents in my lifetime were rich.  So much forrepresentation.

Once upon a time political violence was something that was applied by the richin order to break strikes and employee representation.  Today, almost allof the violence in the political arena originates from the side of theDemocratic Party and is directed towards anyone who doesn’t agree withthem.  Whatever happened to free speech which was once a hallmark of theDemocratic Party?  Whatever happened to our colleges and universitieswhere free speech was once a virtue and differences of opinion were to bedebated without resorting to violence?  For this new curriculum in our collegesand universities where violence replaces thought and reason I blame theinstructors and the officials who employ them.  Their job, as I see it, isto teach young minds how to think and not how to hate.


It is true that runaway population growth, when combined with advances inhealth care, new ways of farming and agriculture and the absence of wars andplagues, provided that comet with our name on it never reaches us, we will atsome point in the not too far off future be faced with simply having too manypeople on this planet.

It is true, at least I think so, that organized religion promoted unfetteredpropagation of our species, not merely on religious grounds or the sanctity oflife, but primarily to swell their ranks.  When I was a kid the populationof our planet was a little over two billion.  In eighty years this numberhas increased by three and one half times so that it is now over seven and onehalf billion.  Where are we headed?  You do the math.

It is true that there are a number of people on this planet who, until suchtime when genetic engineering is more than a textbook phrase, shouldvoluntarily refrain from procreating.

I have always believed that abortion is not something to be decided on bypoliticians and is the prerogative of the mother.  What I don’t understandis how certain politicians now actually condone and promote abortions up untilthe time of birth.  Talk about the swinging of the pendulum.  Havethese parents of unwanted children never heard of contraception?  What thefuck were they ever thinking?

A Nation Of Lunaticshttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/a-nation-of-lunatics/Tue, 30 Oct 2018 16:08:18 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=412Continue reading →]]>Is this what we have become?  Ever since I can remember we Americans have been constantly bragging that our nation is the greatest country on the planet – but recent events seem to belie that claim.

A little over a year ago we had a shooting at a softball game.  A softball game between the Democrats and the Republicans.  A softball game.  Can you believe that?

A year ago we had, so far, the largest mass shooting ever that took place in Las Vegas.

We have also had over the years countless shootings at places of worship as well as the deadliest of all sneak attacks, bombings of children.

Aside from the reasons as to why, the single common denominator of every last one of these acts is that the perpetrators, without any question, are all sniveling miserable cowards.  They are cowards because in every case they have sought out and attacked ONLY those who are unarmed and have no way of defending themselves.  They never have nor will they ever attack anyone who is armed and ready to stand up to them.  That is their undeniable M.O.

Why do these cowards act the way they do?  For certain, one reason is that the punishment for the crime is either non-existent or totally inadequate.  And furthermore, in most instances the one committing the act never believes that he or she will actually be  held accountable for their actions.

As of late another reason for this inappropriate behavior is the cavalier attitude of some of our elected and or appointed officials who prefer to speak before they think.  Even when they encourage people to simply get into other peoples faces at public venues, it is surely a precursor to the next level.  It is also bad manners which reminds me of a child having a temper tantrum when not getting their way.

And don’t blame the problem on guns.  Guns don’t kill people.  People kill people.  If you review the background of all the shooters you’ll find that they are not members of the NRA but are people who should never be allowed to possess a firearm because they are either psychologically or socially disturbed or worse.

So what are we to do to counter this epidemic which has engulfed us?  To begin with laws must be enacted which will provide for punishment in kind.  These laws should be federal so as to counter act the effect of sanctuary cities or sanctuary states.  Politicians that promote in-your-face confrontations or outright violence must curtail their rhetoric before things get out of control.  The rule of law must be paramount because without it we will have nothing but anarchy.  If you don’t like the law, then change it, legally, unless you really do prefer anarchy.

Let He Who Is Free From Sinhttp://www.infinityx.us/hot-topic/let-he-who-is-free-from-sin/Tue, 09 Oct 2018 14:37:39 +0000http://www.infinityx.us/?p=408Continue reading →]]>LET HE WHO IS FREE FROM SIN


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