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Infamous Speakers -- The best way to attract an audiece
International Platform Association International Platform Association
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Georgetown, DC
Monday, September 22, 2014


We are working on a list of infamous speakers

1)   Actual living speakers.

2)   Deceased speakers

3)   Homage performance speaker

We know there is that Joe Stalin impersonator
But here's where to find a longer roster.


Tammy Fay Baker

Valerie Plame

Gary Hart

G.Gordon Liddy

John Edwards

Oliver North

Eliot Spitzer

John Hinkley

The International Platform Association was founded in 1831 by American diplomat Daniel Webster (1782-1852) and educator Josiah Holbrook. (1788-1854). Holbrook was the principal founder of the Lyceum movement in 19th Century America.

The original name was the American Lyceum Association. The Lyceum movement was a venue for lectures, debates, and musical, religious, entertainment, and educational presentations for adults.

After the Civil War, many lyceums which had been devoted to science and manufacturing advances also opened their doors to vaudeville entertainers. In some ways, the Lyceums of the 19th Century were like C-SPAN today.  

In 1918, the name changed again to International Lyceum and Chatuaqua Association (ILCA); the word “Chatauqua” was dropped in 1932. The last name change in 1947 was to International Platform Association, which has remained the name to this day.

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