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Indian Summer Lovin’ – Tech Tips For a Warm Autumn
Steven Burgess -- Computer Forensics Expert Steven Burgess -- Computer Forensics Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Luis Obispo, CA
Saturday, October 26, 2019


by Natalie Miller, 2019

With Indian Summer temperatures rising, here are some tips to help you make sure your devices are ready to conquer these warm days of Fall like you are.

Check Those Pockets!

Taking a dip in the pool, going for a paddle in a kayak, and jumping on a roller coaster are all great things to do this summer, but all too often such activities put your devices at risk. Make sure to remember to empty those pockets before the fun begins so you don’t have to get your pictures and contacts recovered, not to mention replacing your phone if it ends up at the bottom of a lake, or in the gears of a thrill ride.

Chill Out

Did you know electronic devices can get overheated? To prevent your device from overheating, make sure to keep your device under 95 degrees Fahrenheit, and closer and closer to room temperature  which is around 70

degrees Fahrenheit. If your device is heating up in a cool space, try using a computer fan or computer cooling pad to help get rid of some of the heat. Using it on a blanket or towel is also likely to result in overheating. Keeping your device from getting too hot can prevent your device from losing its data (ex. contacts, pictures, text messages), prevent your phone from burning you, and could even save you from buying a new device!

Style with Some Shades

Sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the sun, but did you know there are also shades that can protect you from the computer screen? Blue light filtering glasses are saviors for individuals who spend more than an hour on a computer screen a day, and have been known to help individuals to sleep better. Starting at around $15, this is a summer style choice you don’t want to miss. For phones and smaller devices, there are also settings to help eliminate blue light that, such as Night Shift on the iPhone (currently use Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift) or Night Mode on Android (currently use Settings > Display > Night Light).

Postpone the Posting

As much as you want to post the meal you are having while on your vacation, refrain! Posting on the internet that you are away from home can actually endanger your home and give an opportunity for robbers to make a visit.

Prepare Your Devices

With people still traveling over these months, tourists are a big target for theft which is why you need to make sure you and your devices are prepared to be separated in such a case. Make sure to put a pass code and to encrypt all of your data in case your device happens to slip away, be picked from your pocket, or is accidentally forgotten in a cab, restaurant, or hotel.

Be Aware of the Rentals

As fun as it is to jump in the rental car, hook up the Bluetooth and speed off to the next adventure, be warned: The car’s entertainment system often collects more information than intended. Although it may just be playing music, the rental could collect an individual’s full contact book, call log, as well as texts and sometimes even emails. This is dangerous because it can put not only you, but all of your contacts in jeopardy as well because any other person who uses that rental car after you has the opportunity to look into these contacts.

Make the Smart Choices

Even though it is nice to be able to change your thermostat and close your garage door while you are out on vacation, be careful before you invest in smart-house products. Many smart products today are not secure and allow for others to possibly bypass your house’s personal Internet of Things network and control something remotely. With smart products being so new, many of the companies producing these products put security last and functionality first, which isn’t convenient when you are expecting a product to protect your whole home.

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