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How to Present Yourself & Your Ideas Effectively
Patricia Fripp - Persuasive Presentation Expert Patricia Fripp - Persuasive Presentation Expert
San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp, Creator of Fripp Virtual Training

Career advancement is often dependent on your communication skills. Do you know you have great ideas, but feel like you don't have the confidence to share them? Are you someone with true expertise, who is unsure how to let others know? Is there a natural leader trapped inside you? Fortunately, as an executive speech coach, I can assure you that even if you are not a born speaker, the ability to present yourself and your ideas effectively can be learned. 

Here are a few strategies to help you sound intelligent, powerful, polished, articulate, and confident the next time you deliver a presentation, have a conversation with senior management, or network in your professional community.  

To sound more intelligent:

Pace your words. Slow down just a bit to allow yourself time to select the most appropriate vocabulary and to express your thoughtfulness. Allow for pauses and silence. Your audience will be better able to understand and appreciate your message if you do not rush through your words.

To sound more powerful:

Use short, simple declarative sentences. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Eliminate non-words ("er, "em," "uh"), meaningless catchphrases, and pointless repetition. 

To sound more polished:

Never answer a question with a lazy "yes" or "no." Add a short phrase of clarification. For example, "No, I did not see it." "Yes, I know Mary."

To sound more articulate:

Make a special effort to pronounce the final sound in a word and use its energy to carry over to the following word. Pay special attention to final "t" and "ng."

To sound more confident:

Make sure your gestures and facial expressions support your words. Maintain an upright posture. Hold your head as if you are wearing a crown. Do not wave your arms and legs carelessly. Keep your elbows and knees close to the midline of your body.

You can become a confident, competent communicator.

Executive Speech Coach and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp works with individuals and companies who realize that powerful, persuasive presentation skills give them a competitive edge. Patricia is now virtually everywhere with FrippVT.com, her interactive, learn-at-your-own-pace, virtual presentation skills training. Take advantage of your complimentary trial: http://FrippVT.com

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