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How to Choose a Home Care Marketing Agency That Helps Your Home Care Business Grow
Valerie VanBooven-Whitsell RN, BSN Valerie VanBooven-Whitsell RN, BSN
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: St. Louis, MO
Sunday, November 13, 2022


Every home care brand and business must participate in the “digital marketing world” in some way. 

However, merely “being present” online is never enough in the face of relentlessly escalating home care competition.

The importance of creating a permanent internet presence is growing, but so is the difficulty of doing so.

There are many facets of digital marketing for home care. 

It covers things like content marketing, email marketing, Google Ads, in-person marketing, referral source marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and more.

Choosing a marketing approach that will increase brand engagement may not be simple.

This is why choosing a qualified marketing agency, that specifically serves the home care market, is so important. 

Digital marketing companies take on the duty of the company’s digital brand image and work to increase online visibility and credibility. You must be able to choose the digital firm that best meets your needs because each one has a different area of expertise.

A Digital Marketing Agency: What Is It?

The right digital marketing agencies assist home care agencies in building their brand among many competitors, by bringing together online marketing strategies and OFFLINE marketing strategies. In the case of home care, focusing on just one strategy is a mistake that can cost money and time.

One of the most important characteristics of digital home care marketing techniques is their ability to provide measurable results from the plans and campaigns used, effectively improving the brand’s online presence.

It can be difficult to identify digital agencies that offer the appropriate solutions for home care. 

How Do You Find the Right Marketing Agency for Your Home Care Business?

When selecting an agency, there are a lot of factors to consider. 

A digital marketing agency should understand the home care industry and the competitiveness of the client’s local market.

Before selecting a digital marketing agency, consider the following:

  • Define your goals.
  • Do your homework!
  • Make sure the agency you choose is not a “generalist”, but specifically understands senior care and home care.
  • Make sure the organization is using current marketing practices (not the 2012 version)
  • Request information about their portfolio, references, and areas of expertise.

1. Setting goals is essential.

You must identify your home care agency’s needs before working with a digital marketing agency. Knowing what you want will help you communicate effectively and achieve your goals.

What are your marketing goals?

  • Increasing revenue?
  • A better website?
  • Making the phone ring?
  • More clients?
  • More caregivers?
  • Both clients and caregivers?
  • More visibility online?
  • More referral source communication?

Here are some best practices when choosing a marketing agency for your home care business.

2. Conduct research

Digital agencies come in a wide variety, but choosing one that specializes in home care and senior care is essential.

A “generalist” digital marketing agency might be cheaper or build less expensive websites, but your business has some very defining characteristics. Home care clients and home care referral sources have specific needs that are much different from roofers, plumbers, painters, and lawyers. 

Although there are many agencies out there, you should make sure the one you choose is in line with your goals, and objectives, and understands your market.

3. Request to see the most recent projects.

Ask for a website portfolio of their most recent jobs and projects. This will give you verifiable proof of the agency’s expertise. Finding organizations that are willing to share their work and outcomes will be essential to your decision-making.

Transparency is the key to understanding the level of expertise a home care marketing agency possesses.

The most crucial thing is to select an agency that will provide you with a proper approach, a detailed plan, and the precise outcome you’re looking for.

4. Verify that the home care marketing agency is using current strategies and software

Google changes its algorithms regularly.  The home care marketing agency you choose should be aware of and understand, what Google is looking for.

It is crucial that the firm you work with always stays current, pays attention to advancements and trending issues, and includes them in its marketing strategy.

5. Stay away from any digital marketing agency that promises instant results, tons of new leads, or something that seems too good to be true.

Companies that guarantee complete success in every aspect of SEO and lead generation, often provide mediocre services. Working with agencies that completely specialize in senior care and home care businesses, will undoubtedly play a huge role in the growth of your home care agency. 

Digital marketing may appear simple to those outside the field, but the processes involved in content production, competitive research, and effectively reaching your target audience are far more difficult than they appear.

To have a certain position in search results, on social media, and most importantly, to reach the intended audience, home care businesses need to work with home care specialized marketing agencies.

6. Choose an agency that understands online marketing but also OFFLINE, In-Person Marketing.

Marketing a home care agency isn’t a one-trick pony. Every agency needs an effective online strategy and an offline strategy that work together.

Where Do I Find New Home Care Clients?

When it comes to marketing a home care business, nothing will replace the amazing results agency owners see from forming relationships with referral sources/marketing partners in their community.

To grow your home care business, you need to continuously market your services online and OFFLINE.

Here are the Top 5 Referral Sources for Non-Medical Home Care Agencies:

  1. Clients/Families 
  2. Hospital discharge planners
  3. Elder Law Attorneys, Assisted Living, Skilled Rehab, and other senior care business models.
  4. Medicare Certified Agencies
  5. Hospices

Here are the Top 5 General Marketing Sources for Home Care Leads.

  1. Google Search/ Your Home Care Website
  2. Google My Business Listing
  3. Google Ads
  4. Community Outreach events – speaking at churches, senior centers, etc.
  5. Email Newsletter and Online Marketing

Even for the Search Engine source, as many as half of the searches may come from people who have been referred by actual people: they were just using the search engine to find your information online.

Trust, Authority, Expertise

Most referral sources will not refer new clients to you unless they trust you.

Most consumers are looking online for a company they can trust, that has a great reputation, and consistently shares new information via their website, newsletter, and social media.

Amazing Care

Of course, the main ingredient is actually providing amazing care to your clients and caregivers.  

Going above and beyond for your clients and for your referral sources is a great way to establish that “trusted” reputation both online and offline.

If your digital agency isn’t teaching your staff about referral marketing for home care, look for a new marketing agency.

To learn more about choosing an amazing home care marketing agency, consider joining the ASN Home Care Marketing Mastermind. This is an affordable way to get to know us and learn more than you ever thought possible about both online and offline marketing for home senior care or home care business.

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