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How Your Excuses Block Your Ability to Write and Publish Successfully
Nina Amir -- Nonfiction Book Coach Nina Amir -- Nonfiction Book Coach
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Friday, December 23, 2022


Excuses stop you from succeeding as a writer and authorLet’s be honest, shall we? The reasons why you claim you can’t write consistently or publish a book are excuses. Plain and simple.

And everything you desire—like being a successful writer, blogger, journalist, or author—could be yours if you take responsibility for and commit to self-mastery.

No…not writing, skill, or craft or even submitting or marketing.   Self-mastery is the same as self-growth or personal development. And self-mastery is the one thing that changes everything.

Yes, everything—including your ability to succeed as a writer.

When you master yourself, you master your thoughts and behaviors. And when you do that, you change yourself, your life, and your ability to do what you want and need to do to have the writing career of your dreams.

Reasons are Thinly-Veiled Excuses

You may already realize this, but it’s more common to make excuses for why you can’t be, do, and create what you want than to find reasons why you can.

Few writers commit to their self-growth. And that’s why so many writers remain stuck.

Those who do commit to self-mastery…well, they are the ones who succeed. In fact, the most successful authors in the world consistently invest vast amounts of time and money in their personal development.

But it’s very common for writers who aren’t succeeding to easily list many reasons they can’t change how they approach writing, publishing, and marketing their work. Common ones include lack of time or money, too many responsibilities, other people’s expectations, or lack of motivation.

If you are honest with yourself, you know your reasons are just thinly-veiled excuses. And as long as you continue to make excuses, you won’t change.

Take Responsibility for Yourself

The only way to drop all excuses—yes, all—is to take 100 percent responsibility for yourself, your actions and behaviors, your thoughts, your emotions, and your results. Then…and only then…will you change.

Why? Because when you become a person who takes responsibility for yourself, you stop making excuses for why you do or don’t do things…like writing consistently, building a platform, marketing, submitting to agents or editors, etc.

And when you are someone who takes responsibility for yourself, you know you have the personal freedom to choose to do things differently. You can think and behave differently—no matter your circumstances. You even can choose to be someone different—to take on a new identity.

You can decide to be a writer. Or you can be a successful author. Or you can be a journalist or blogger.

So, decide to stop blaming circumstances or saying writing, publishing, or creating a best-selling book is outside of your control. Be responsible. Then, you will realize everything is within your control. And, if that’s the case, you possess the ability to change. You can choose to change.

Stop Creating More Reasons Not to Change

Here’s another reason to stop making excuses for why you can’t write consistently or become a successful writer, blogger, journalist, or writer: when you do, you create more reasons why that is seemingly true.

You may know this, but your thoughts are creative. Maybe you have even heard the saying, “What you focus on expands.”

So what do you think happens when you are focused on reasons you can’t write consistently, submit your work, publish a book, or create a successful writing career?

When you focus on why you can’t be, do, and have what you want, you create more of those obstacles. But if you focus on what you want, you create what you want. In other words, focus on your ability to write and publish successfully—rather than the things stopping you from doing so.

All those excuses focus your attention on what you don’t want…or why you can’t have what you want. And that just keeps you stuck…or more stuck.

You Want what Prevents You from Changing

I recently reviewed the responses to a two-part questionnaire required to join my Transform NOW! Facebook group. I discovered that almost all the members want more or less of the same things they claim prevent them from creating what they desire.

In other words, their desires for change are the same as their excuses for why they can’t change.

If you don’t understand, here are a few examples.

Members want to change in the following ways or to create the following things:

  1. Eliminate limiting beliefs
  2. Stop procrastination
  3. Reduce fear
  4. Get rid of distractions
  5. Finish what they start

They claim they can’t change or create what they want because they:

  1. Have limiting beliefs
  2. Procrastinate
  3. Are afraid
  4. Get distracted
  5. Don’t finish what they start

So, they want what they say prevents them from changing. And the members continuously tell Source (or whatever you call God) and their subconscious minds they want these things.

It’s no wonder they create many of the same obstacles and challenges. And it’s no surprise they remain stuck and unable to change.

Do you see yourself in this scenario?

Self-Mastery Eliminates Obstacles to Change

Interestingly, the Facebook group members’ negative wants and excuses all have one thing in common: self-mastery eliminates them.

Yes, all of them.

  1. Master your mind, and you eliminate limiting beliefs.
  2. Master your time management skills, and you eliminate procrastination.
  3. Master your thoughts, and you eliminate fear.
  4. Master your ability to focus, and you eliminate distractions.
  5. Master your productivity and self-integrity, and you finish what you start.
    When you master yourself—who you are being, how you think, or what you do—you take control of your identity, thoughts, and actions. Then, anything is possible…even becoming a highly focused and productive writer, an award-winning blogger or journalist, or a best-selling author.   So, how do you achieve self-mastery? Commit to your personal growth or development.   And stop committing to your excuses—the reasons you think make it impossible to change so you can create your writing dreams. When you commit to excuses, you commit to your limitations. Commit to your potential as a writer instead.

And take responsibility for yourself. Use your personal freedom and power, and choose to be the person who can do the things that will help you create what you want—a successful writing career.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start making changes instead? Tell me in a comment below, and please share this post with a friend and on social media.

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