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How Will You Lead Today?
Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD - Mentor-Coach to Executives Jerry Cahn, PhD, JD - Mentor-Coach to Executives
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: New York, NY
Monday, February 13, 2023


Kevin Kruse in Great Leaders Have No Rules offers 10 contrarian principles to stimulate our thinking. I‘d like to share them with you to stimulate your thinking:

  • Close Your Open Door- to foster autonomy and empowerment of your team (and yourself!)
  • Shutoff Your Smartphone – to foster focus of workers and safety
  • Have No Rules – to shift from enforcement to values & guardrails that promotes accountability
  • Be Likable, Not Liked – to create separation for tough decisions and candid feedback
  • Lead with Love – (as Alan Mulally notes) it creates engagement with trust and loyalty
  • Crowd Your Calendar – every minute wasted means you’re not coaching people or getting work done!
  • Play Favorites – to leverage their strengths and encourage their retention.
  • Reveal Everything – enables team members to move fast, adapt to change and make their decisions
  • Show weakness – this contributes to a culture of psychological safety & trust, and creates innovation
  • Leadership is Not a Choice – reminds yourself that there are no time-outs in being a lead

What do you think? Share with us the one that most stimulated you to make a change today.

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