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How Will COVID-19 Impact Your Travel Plans?
Vicki Rackner MD ---  Selling to Doctors Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors
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Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Months ago my son booked a trip to Seattle to visit family and friends.  This week—one day before his scheduled flight— he asked me, “Is it too dangerous to travel? Should I cancel my trip?”

You might be asking similar questions.

Maybe you have plans to attend a meeting, or visit a client, or get away and recharge.

Do you follow through with your plans, or do you cancel?

I’ll put on my doctor hat and offer some tips to help you make travel choices with greater confidence:

  1. Stay informed.  The event you’re about to attend or the city you’re about to visit will most likely have published recommendations.  Check regularly.
  2. Use reason.  We are in the grips of an epidemic of fear, and our feelings impact our perception of risk. While catching COVID-19 on a plane ride may be the overwhelming travel fear, statistically the biggest threat to your health may well involve the car ride to and from the airport. 
  3. Consider your circumstances.  A person undergoing chemotherapy may make very different choices than a young healthy gym rat.  While there are no right choices, there are choices that are right for YOU.
  4. Stay healthy.  Your immune system is like your own homeland security system.  Do simple things completely within your power to keep it strong.  Get a good night’s sleep. Eat well.  Get regular exercise.  Cut back on adult beverages and stop smoking. 
  5. Stop touching your face.  Easier said than done!  A study of medical students shows that on average they touched their faces almost two dozen times each hour--even though they know better. Face-touching might be a behavior evolved to manage stress. I've always thought that the primary purpose of a face mask is to keep hands away from noses and mouthes.
  6. Avoid sick people, and stay home if you’re sick.   
  7. Protect yourself on flights. Click here to get my plane travel tips.
  8. Invest in travel insurance.  The easiest way to do this is to book travel with a major credit card.  
My son’s in Seattle right now having a great time. 

I plan to maintain my busy speaking travel schedule.

Hopefully you're better armed to make travel plans that work for YOU.

PS Stay tuned for daily emails to help you and your clients respond to the many COVID-19 challenges. Are there specific topics you would like me to address?

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