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How to invest in a post-COVID-19 world? This is what everybody is asking. The pandemic took us all by surprise. Many businesses have closed, some are waiting for the restrictions to be lifted while others have gone bankrupt already.

The economy is going through a crisis and things are changing. Industries that were prosperous before the pandemic, like tourism (hotels, airlines, cruise ships), event planning, and other non-essential businesses like beauty salons, have been hit very hard and there is no saying if they will manage to get back on their feet after the pandemic will be gone.

Even physical stores and commercial real estate have suffered because now the vast majority of people shop online. Companies that used to rent office spaces now have allowed their employees to work remotely from home.

We don’t know if, and, how many of these changes will be temporarily and which ones are going to be permanent. With so many uncertainties it’s extremely difficult, almost impossible to predict how the market will evolve.

That’s why we hired Minuca Elena to reach out to 45 financial experts and ask them:

What is the best way to invest in a post-COVID-19 world?

Michael D.Brown

It is crucial to accurately identify the sectors that are booming for poised for astronomic growth after the COVID-19 pandemic. This doesn’t require some divine prophetic ability; historical data can give you an ample view of what lies beyond the coronavirus horizon in the investment space.

As usual, the most resilient sector to invest in during and after the pandemic is the technology niche. The two most handsome industries here are automation and eCommerce.

We have seen technology-leaning companies like Tesla experience an exponential surge in 2020. It is unsurprising that Tesla’s shares have rallied meteorically up to 500% for 2020 alone. Zoom too is partying like ’99 with profits shooting by 3,300% as reported its Q2 result!

Aside from these industries, transportation is set for an audacious rise immediately the pandemic clears up, guys like Union Pacific, J.B. Hunt Transport Services are set for a resurge.

When eyeing the most attractive companies to invest in the transport niche, you should look beyond the generic cluster of logistics companies, air freight companies, airlines and focus on specifics like fuel economy of the transport company, debt (considering their enormous need for equipment acquisition), COVID response, and how well they are currently coping with competition in their niche.

Personally, I favor transport companies that are leaning towards automation.