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How Not to Furlough or Shutdown Your Personal & Financial Success
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How Not to Furlough or Shutdown Your Personal & Financial Success

6.5 ways Government Employees and Contractors can to equip against a Government Shutdown

It is massively relieving seeing the end of the shutdown. An unprecedented shutdown, the longest America had ever seen ended when Trump and Democrats managed to reach a deal with mounting pressure from the increasing  penury of furloughed Federal employees and contractors. This is not new. For several administrations, the Congress and the White House have not been the best of lovers.

Anytime such a crisis occurs, the concomitant catastrophe is a regrettable government shutdown. Inevitably, when two elephants fight, it is grass that suffers. Here, the human grass always happens to be the federal government employees and contractors caught between the political crossfire and furloughed as the prisoners of war.  Of course, Donald Trump wasn't too bored with the shutdown; after all, he has Twitter.

The recent government shutdown was not an enjoyable ride for government employees and contractors. As the days coagulated into weeks, the bills have mounted into a little Everest for many families in the face of piling debts.

Also, as they looked in the news, they were further dismayed to see an unbending Trump adorned with his trademark scowl ready to stretch the shutdown into months to get his historic Wall seated majestically on the Mexican border.  Now they can finally heave a huge sigh of relief seeing government reopen again.

Most of the time, those who suffer a furlough are those who have furloughed their plan Bs; "patriotically" holding on to Uncle Sam as their one and only means of survival.

Well, the good news is that shutdown has ended. The accompanying bad news is that another shutdown will definitely come sometime in the future – even in another administration. For those affected, how long will be you on the casualty list anytime Congress and the White House go to war? How willing are you to be always listed among the collateral damages when a shutdown sets in?

Therefore, it would be the prime of financial recklessness to be caught napping again when the next shutdown is unleashed on Americans. In view of this, let us examine 6.5 ways to equip yourself against the next government shutdown.

1. Start building your brand

You can argue that entrepreneurship is not for everyone, but no bouncers are at the gate preventing you from entering the private sector. Great, you are a federal employee or contractor. There is some federal swagger to that, but sorry you are not that safe and impregnable.

No one is actually safe until they are their own boss. Fact. If you have your personal brand built already on gleaming excellence, when the political storms come rampaging, you would have a port of your own for security.

It is crucial as a federal contractor to consider diversifying into the private sector. Stake a target, a substantial percentage of growth from your business should be sourced from the private sector.

This is more of an economic hedge as in this instance of a government shutdown, a couple of non-government clients would keep you rolling on healthily. Even if such non-government clients are going to sustain your business on a subsistent level, it is much better than closing shop entirely and hoping for a divine intervention to end the shutdown.

Now the private sector is admittedly not as romantic or comradely as the public sector. Here in the private sector, it is war; competition is ferocious as brands gladiatorially battle for customers making carcasses of their rivals.

While genericness is relatively forgivable in the public sector, in the private sector, it is abominable --a cardinal sin-- for which you are inevitably getting punished. Step out of the crowd; no one sees you in the crowd in a capitalist setting. If you think the competition is too blazing for you, kindly go back to the public sector and wait for some generous federal contracts.

2. Strive for exponential results

To become successful in the private sector, you must build a brand of transcending excellence. It is more than just delivering results; it is more about delivering exponential results and exceeding expectations. Your clients ask for two, you give them three, and when they get accustomed to three, you prop it up to four. It is an endless evolution of superiority.

This is the modern personal branding that would allow you to keep your neck on your head in the private sector. You must always deliver fresh solutions. Your customers should confidently recognise you for extraordinariness.  It is only through this way that you illuminate your industry with radiant excellence getting customers trooping in in hordes like Obama, and Oprah Winfrey worked as salespeople for you.

3. Also, make sure you stack your emergency fund

Even in the most overwhelming abundance, you are not eternally guaranteed lack will never come marauding again. This is why it is paramount to build an emergency fund. Anything can happen, and that is the flavor of tomorrow: uncertainty!   Therefore, always prepare emergency exit points which in this case is a financial leeway from a political crisis like this.

Branded individuals have the distinction of anticipation. Empty a magazine unexpectedly on them, sorry they have got their bulletproof vest on, and they even wear it to the restroom. What this symbolically means is that people with a personal brand (renowned for exceeding results) are never caught unawares. They are sober even in the wildest parties, envisaging all possibilities: positive and negative.

They are never economically myopic, always keeping a keen eye for tomorrow. Therefore they have got their emergency funds well prepared when disaster invades without announcement.

4. Improve immediate cash flow

One nice way to expand your emergency funds is to build up your cash flow. At least have enough circulating cash that could keep your family and business up and running for say three months before the White House and Capitol come to an armistice, sheathing their ideological swords calling off a shutdown.

If your emergency fund isn't hefty enough, there is the option of converting some of your portfolios into liquid assets. Therefore you can consider converting some stocks or securities. That is if you have not saved enough of your salary for the rainy glooming days.

5. Avoid binge spending habits

For some persons, they have spending disorders; they blow money flamboyantly like some oil-rich Arabian prince. Six figures for emergency shopping, six figures for a night out drinking adventure, and they wouldn't mind booking a private jet to take them to the next street just for breakfast. Disaster lurks around you if you have an excessive spending disorder.

One particular emblem of branded individuals is their characteristic frugality -- they are always double checking the bill and never spending out of budget nor spending impulsively. Meticulous is when you review the spending habits of branded individuals; the millionaire yet energetically keeping a keen eye on the number of cents in his account.

For many persons, when it comes to money, emotions impeach their rationality and take the driving seat. This is when their eyes lead them not their head and when they walk past that Rolex store, they must walk in if they dare look.

Spending disproportionally, blowing your budget wouldn't do you any good especially when a shutdown sets in and you are struggling to downsize your budget in a personal recession.

Review your budget and shave off some excessive spendings which are typically unnecessary. We know you want to ball high, diamond plated toothbrush and all that costly eminence. Yet, you don't really NEED that, do you? Pay down your short-term credit card, chop off cable and phone services and consider eating at home.

6. You may need a loan from your bank

Well, if you are severely short of liquid assets and substantial cash flow, you could have to fall back to your bank and the financial services you work with. You could inform your bank official and let them accurately know your financial situation in the face of a government shutdown precisely the effects these could have on your cash flow.

Possibly you could come to a resolution, exploring low-interest credit facility to push you through. This also applies to your mortgage provider as well as your credit card providers. There could be a variety of soothing loans to cushion the full-scale monetary impact of the shutdown.

6.5 Lastly you need focus

The place of focus is very crucial. Basically, individuals with a great personal brand never lack focus. They have their eyes fixated on their targets. Of course, fears of an impending shut down can really be discomfiting, but you definitely need to keep your eyes on your goals, be positive and calm developing the right proactive attitude to keep off panic mode.

You will also need a sizable chunk of discipline to make the right sacrifices in preparation for any eventuality. Be focused enough to avoid making devastating short term moves that could be drastic in the long term. Keep your eyes on the big picture and your hands composedly on the steering wheel. Branded individuals are equipped to the core with laser focus. This gives you the mental and fiscal navigation to do things right.

Always remember as a federal employee: never furlough your plan B. Never risk monopolizing your income source. Thus, it is wise never to keep all your eggs in one basket. Expect the worst and pray for the best. Always be prepared and stand out. That is the secret of personal branding.






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