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How Lock in a Joint Venture – Tom Antion’s Advice
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Washington, DC
Sunday, September 12, 2010

How Lock in a Joint Venture – Tom Antion's Advice

Be in front of a million people with a warm introduction.

Tom has 100,000 contacts. Others have lists. After all we found 400 and opted in to

1) Approach a complimentary, not direct competitor.

2) Find ones that have e-mail opt-ins.

3) Opt-in to see their e-mails.

4) Watch the e-mail e-mails to see their stats.

5) Make sure your offer is good enough to motivate the list sender.

a. This is money value.

b. Good for the user.

c. Not Unsubscribe Bait

6) The good guys like Antion, get like 20 pitches a week, so you may have to start with a smaller list. --- Therefore go after the smaller guys first.

7) So lists sell advertising – you can see rate card based on that.

8) You can see the count in their rate card.

9) Product must make sense to members on their list.

a. This is unsubscribe bait.

10) People are on lists for their topics… Don't be off topic

11) Give them the product. ---- and send them the testimonial list.

a. The new rate card.

b. The one page testimonial with the five quotes.

12) Tom calls himself a "super-affiliate." Based on their count.

13) You sign them up and give them the link…..

a. Don't ask them to sign up.

b. Generate them the affiliate link.

14) Give them the text and sales letter to promote the system.

a. Make them different.

15) Do not ask your joint venture partner to be your "Guinna Pig"

a. They want to know what the "conversion ration" is on the sales letter.

i. For every 100 people who open the sales letter, 2% buy.

ii. Acutally should be

1. Opens based on subject line.

2. Purchase based on copy.

iii. Therefore the relationship is the ratio.

16) Advertising copywriting --- Dan Kennedy, Ted Nichols, Claude Hopkins.

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