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How Good Relationships Can Turn Bad Series on Medium and New Book and Film, Seeks Stories from Readers; by Author of 200+ Books
Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., J.D. -- Author of Fifty Books
Lafayette , CA
Wednesday, January 01, 2020

A Mad Boss Yelling at an Employee


            Have you experienced a good relationship that has gone bad?  Virtually everyone has, whether it is a relative who has become impossible, a betrayal by a friend, a romantic relationship damaged by lies, or a boss who has turned into a tyrant.

            Now in this series of articles, which are being turned into a book and film, Gini Graham Scott, PhD, author of 200 books and 10 feature films, documentaries, and TV series, is featuring stories about relationships gone bad.  Each article features a story of a real relationship that became toxic, followed by possible alternatives that the person in this situation might do and a description of what he or she did in this situation.  The reason for listing these alternatives is so readers can think about these situations and discuss them with others.

            Scott is also seeking stories from readers about what happened in their relationship that might be included in the book.  Also, Scott will give anyone sharing their story her suggestions on what to do to improve, change, or end the relationship.

            For example, the latest story in a Medium article is about a woman who once was friends with a co-worker in a customer service department.  But then her friend got promoted, and for a while the friend was a supportive caring boss and the two continued to be friends after work.  They would go to a local bar or restaurant to talk as if nothing at work had changed.  But after the boss went through a divorce and took a week off from work to deal with the stress, she returned as a monster boss.  She became demanding and insulting, and she made it very clear that the employee who was once a friend is just another underlining, subject to her whims and commands.

            Other articles in the series include the following with their links on Medium:

             Recognizing When Good Relationships Go Bad, featuring signs to notice when a good relationship starts to go bad so you can try to fix it or leave. https://tinyurl.com/t82esdg  

              Letting Go When a Good Relationship Turns Bad, featuring tips on how to overcome the stress of having a once good relationship turn bad and feel a sense of release in order to move on. https://tinyurl.com/tlyd365

              Using the E-R-I Method of Conflict Resolution to Decide What to Do When a Good Relationship Goes Bad https://tinyurl.com/te69j8y

              If you have any comments on this story or have a story to share, contact the author and let her know at giniscott@sbcglobal.net.  Your story might be included in the book or film now being developed.


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