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How Can An Author Make the Most of a Radio Media Tour?
Jackie Lapin  -- Conscious Media Relations Jackie Lapin -- Conscious Media Relations
Westlake Village, CA
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

With the vast increase in internet radio, authors now have a much greater opportunity to market their books and services via radio shows. Jackie Lapin, founder of Conscious Media Relations  (www.consciousmediarelations.com)  and a bestselling personal development author, offers expert advice on how to rocket book sales with the new generation of radio shows.

"Whereas broadcast radio hosts frequently don't read the book in advance, generally only give you five minutes to expound on the topic and provide only one opportunity to mention your website, internet radio is an entirely new and welcome addition, " says Lapin, whose company pairis authors, speakers and coaches with more than 700 radio hosts who seek interviews with leaders in the personal development industry.

While the actual real-time listening audience might be greater with some broadcast radio, an internet radio show gets a much more targeted audience of people that are ready to buy because they are interested in the specific topic. They are also loyal to the host and believe in the implied endorsement of your appearance on the show. These shows generally last 45 minutes to an hour, which enables the guest to really cover a lot of ground and work up interest. Plus the host gladly allows the guest to provide a website multiple times.

Even more importantly, the host may well have read the book and will sell it for you. If he or she loved the book, the host will tell the audience that effusively and explain why! Better yet, these interviews frequently have a very long shelf life on websites where listeners can come and download them almost for eternity. Internet hosts will often post on their websites a direct link to your website or an Amazon.com selling page for your book.

And here's the bonus: these hosts are happy to help you promote your coaching programs, teleseminars and other revenue-generating products and appearances. Even if you don't sell books immediately, you can frequently generate new opt-ins to your list, and thus be in a position to upsell books and products in the future.

So when either launching a new book, or trying to revitalize a book that has stalled, a Radio Media Tour (RMT) is a great tool to get things moving. A Radio Media Tour enables an author to stay at home and simply do interviews from his or her desk, couch or back porch! These can be arranged by PR agencies or companies that specialize in Radio Media Tours based on their database of media contacts around the country. 

Lapin offers the following tips on how to maximize a Radio Media Tour once you've gotten the bookings:

1. Be prepared and focused, but relaxed! –Create a list of key message points that you want to get across and have it in front of you. This way you'll avoid that dreaded "Oh, I should have said…" after the interview is over and you won't be tensing during the interview trying to get in everything you wanted to.

2. Be alert, awake and at your best even if it is the crack of dawn, a weekend, or a late night show – Get up and have your coffee even if you're on the West Coast at 4 a.m. talking to a morning drive host in Philadelphia. Make sure that if you're doing a weekend interview, you don't forget about it while you're lounging in the pool or having dinner with friends!

3. Know something about the interviewer and focus of the show – Check the website so you know that host's approach and what kind of audience the show attracts. That may well influence the content and direction of what you want to impart. It will make you connect more effectively with the listeners and impress the host that you are aware of what he or she does.

4. Make sure you know the call-in details -- This is very important. Don't realize five minutes before that you're the one who is supposed to call in and you can't remember where you put the number. Put the call-in number on your Outlook Calendar with the appointment so it pops up a few minutes before. Always make the call at least 5-7 minutes in advance. I always also save these emails in a file called "media" within my Outlook system, so I can go back and check if there is a problem. It's also wise to get a back-up number to call the host such as a cell in case you're having trouble getting in on a bridge line, or there are other delays. And vice versa, make sure the host or show producer has all of your phone numbers. If the call is being made from the show to you, make sure you provide a landline and not a cell number…and that you are at that number when they call.

5. Provide press materials, advance questions, introduction and photo -- Either you or the RMT booker should provide the host with a radio interview kit—which is different that a traditional media kit in that it provides a short introduction of you that can be read on the air, a list of questions that the host can use as a guide, and a jpg photo that can be featured on the show's website or in a newsletter. This would be in addition to the traditional bio and book release.

6. A list of what you want to promote --Since Internet Radio hosts are so willing to provide an opportunity to promote whatever you desire, it's helpful to the interviewer if you provide a written list of things you want to promote, along with corresponding websites. This can be submitted at the time the interview kit is provided.

7. Should you provide a book?—If the host asks for it, by all means. But many media are comfortable working from press materials, and it's not worth expending the cost of another book and its shipping. However, especially on hour-long shows, the better informed the host is and the more enthusiastic, the more likely you are to sell books! So if you have the budget, send it!

8. Know how long you have for the interview—Going into the interview, get a sense of how long the interview in so that in case you have not gotten your website plug in and you are coming to a close, you can steer the conversation back to that topic, or anything else you want to be sure to mention.

9. Ask interviewer who is to mention the website and when – It's always more comfortable when you know what to expect, and it eliminates any tension over how and when you will get this vital information into the interview. Sometimes you'll be able to get it in once in each 15-minute time block, while others would prefer just once at the end. You might also find some cases when the host prefers to do this for you. So if the host has no objections, do give the website a few times, and say it slowly!

10. Have an inducement to get listeners to opt-in—Even if you can't sell someone a book, don't lose the opportunity of getting them to opt-in to your list. Offer some desirable free item that is available on your website—a newsletter, a daily tip, an ebook, a podcast or some other promotional item that will encourage someone to become part of your "opt-in family." Ideally this should be on your home page or your principle book selling page.

11. Have notes in front of you if you need them-- If your book and topic involves information that doesn't easily come to you—such as numbers and dates—or a long list of bullet points, have it in front of you, so you don't have to fumble around and stall while you look for it.

12. Be upbeat, lively, engaging – This is essential! Don't be monotone or monosyllabic either! If you want to make sure you're invited back again, make your first appearance stellar and compelling! What information can you offer their guests that ONLY you can do in this particular way. If you can't get excited about it, neither will the listener!

13. Opening the call –Thank the host for the invitation after he/she introduces you and state how happy you are to be there.

14. Closing the call –Before you say your final thank you, you may want to give one last uplifting message for the audience. As the best selling author of The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World, I often close with by speaking directly to the listeners, saying "My wish for you is that may consciously create all that you desire!"

For more information on the Conscious Media Relations Radio Media Tour, contact Lapin at (818) 707-1473.

Jackie Lapin helms Conscious Media Relations, a media relations agency pairing authors, speakers and coaches with more than 700 radio hosts who seek interviews with leaders in the personal development industry. (www.consciousmediarelations.com)

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