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Here are the headlines from News Release Wire.
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Washington , DC
Friday, February 22, 2019

Here are the headlines from News Release Wire.
February 22, 2019
05:49 AM
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*Top of Mind Thursday February 21, 2018: The Power of the Herd
*Titanium Real Estate Network Held Their 2019 Q1 Conference in Pasadena, California
*Energy Co. Calls on Marketing Consultants
*Unethical Quote Of The Month, Also Stupid: CNN Host Don Lemon
—CNN host  and Jussie Smollett pal Don Lemon, blathering incomprehensibly and incompetently on his CNN show yesterday about the actor's hate crime hoax being exposed.
Jack Marshall 
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*Authors: Why Should You Keep a Journal?
*How to Access that Old Email Account
Have you ever wondered if you could access your old email accounts? You might want to look for some old files, or maybe need information about an old contact. Whatever the reason, there is good and bad news when it comes to accessing old email accounts.
Robert Sicilliano
*Huawei?s continuing crisis PR saga
The Huawei crisis communications case is a continuing saga over several years, one which will continue to play out for the foreseeable future. The profile of the company's brand has been growing fast, fuelled by cybersecurity fears concomitant with a massive marketing spend powering increasingly popular products which are driving the company's unrelenting commercial success.
+1 (647) 822-1000
*Bob Levey?s ?Novel? Candidate: Too Good to Be True
*How Much Do Sellers and Buyers Trust Our Tradeshow Environments?
The most glaring reality I've pointed to previously in this space — that three out of four B2B buyers conduct the majority of their research before talking to a salesperson — greatly affects the sustainability of the tradeshow business model.  That, and the others explored in the five realities of today's B2B buyer post, and how those insights can be applied to evolve the traditional expo, remain major issues today.
*Autonomous Cars, Baby Tech and Media Layoffs
*Why are people calling me for body donation services?
As The Doyenne of Death®, I get a lot of phone calls asking about body disposition, funeral questions and cemetery issues. Sometimes even people at funeral homes call me about getting special clothing for the deceased or arranging air shipment of bodies.
*The Power of a Writing Ritual
*For Golf Geeks, Hearing is Believing
This is the story of a company that corrected a problem after its loyal customers 
sounded off.
Specifically, over a sound.
The company is Foresight Sports, makers of those golf simulators that allow players to
hit into a screen displaying, via computer generation, some of the world's most famous
golf courses. Golfers hit an actual ball, and hardware and software track the ball's speed,
spin and location, eventually showing where the ball would have landed at, say, the
historic 17th hole at St. Andrews in Scotland.
*Essential Communication Skills for Leaders
*A Review of Individual Tax Law Changes
As we are in the thick of the 2018 tax filing season most any news outlet has reports of confusion and frustration stemming from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Here is a quick overview of some of the changes
Kathleen Webb
*Rule of Three From Change Masters Incorporated
*MoviePass Parent Helios and Matheson Analytics Loses NASDAQ Listing
*Grandpa, Turn Off the Stressful News.  Put on Something We All Can Enjoy!
Fay Shapiro 
*Are You Thin Skinned? - 13 Ways to Thicken Your Skin - 2 minute tips  https://conta.cc/2DsLoTq pic.twitter.com/HLVNtXqWJQ
*The Education Customers
*How to Access that Old Email Account
*MSI Fellowship Week: Teaching an Entry-Level Evaluation Course Incorporating Culturally Responsive Evaluation in a Professional Doctoral Program by Lu Liu
Talk Radio News From Talkers Magazine
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