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Healing Fathers and Fatherhood
Dr. Joy S. Pedersen Dr. Joy S. Pedersen
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Dateline: Sarasota , FL
Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Everyone has a father. There is your biological father and some have step fathers as well as adopted fathers. And, of course, there is Father God, your Creator. Everyone has been a father in one lifetime or another. You each have the father aspect within. That aspect of your inner family is considered your superconscious.  

Father God

In light of the upcoming Father’s Day, we decided to include fathers as a special focus in our group healing call this coming Saturday, June 1. But, what are some of dynamics significant to clear with and as fathers? Possibly the most significant we often clear in our monthly calls is the separation from God and all times we have turned away from God. During that time of separation is when problems occur. By healing that separation, you have better results in life overall. And, have you ever blamed God? I certainly have. Fortunately, he is forgiving. But, do you still the guilt within blocking how he can provide for you now? 

Your Superconscious as Father

Then there is your biological father. Many have unhealed issues with their fathers from this lifetime. You likely consciously remember those. And, we will give you an opportunity to clear them Saturday. But, have you considered that you chose your father? While remaining in Heaven deciding on what you wanted to achieve this lifetime, that part of you is the spirit who decided to incarnate. That spirit becomes the father aspect of your being on the planet. That part of you also helped pick what karma was going to be worked out here on Earth, what people you were going to work out certain challenges and opportunities with, and what purpose you would fulfill and what gifts were necessary to help achieve them.

Your Choice in Fathers

When it comes to choosing your father, you picked amongst a group of individuals that often reincarnates together in different roles. At this time, you picked your father to work out certain issues with. Both you and the high self of your father, remain in Heaven while spearheading the operation here on Earth. Your experience is largely dictated by them, although the conscious part of you always has free will.

By understanding why you chose your father, and realizing what challenges you experienced with him, you can often also understand what lessons you carried into this lifetime that you needed to heal. They don’t always have to be painful relationships. Someone stern could be teaching you discipline. Someone loving or unloving can be teaching you how to step into a bigger love of self and others.

Regardless of what those lessons are or were, you have the opportunity to clear with them and your past-lives with them. You have shared past lives with all your family. If you don’t clean up your past with them, you and/or they are holding onto negative memories and emotions still negatively affecting this lifetime. We are always clearing with your family, relatives and ancestors in both private and group calls because of their significant connections to you throughout lifetimes. But, we will focus on fathers this weekend.

Your Role(s) as Father

Then there’s the role as father that you have held or hold now. So, you may be a woman this lifetime but have been a father in another. There are dynamics this lifetime that you can clear as well as your past connections with your children. You can assist yourself as well as set them free by clearing your role as a father both this lifetime and in any lifetime. Each lifetime you come back with a different set of circumstances and often choose a different role to play in each. Then you pick from the pool of players who often incarnate with you and each picks a new dynamic to express. You continually interchange the roles you have with each other.

No one has made it through life without hurting themselves or others or of having been hurt in one way or another by others. If you have ever been let down by your father or let your children down in some way regardless of lifetimes, that memory remains and the emotions attached remain within the subconscious until fully healed and released.


Forgiveness is key if you want to achieve the highest outcome for all. Until you forgive a situation, God cannot fully heal it. We will be helping you further release what you haven’t been able to release yet on your own. 


What about the expectations placed upon men in society and of fathers, in particular? That is a driving force behind some behaviors and experiences. What about the unmet expectations you have had of your fathers and your fathers of you? How have you experienced and perceived disappointment and been affected by those disappointments in self and others? We can let those go as well to find more peace and balance.

Challenges to Be Healed

  • How many men chose jobs their father’s steered them to?
  • How many men carried the burden of an entire family financially on their shoulders? If there were financial struggles in that regard, even from a past life, they could be challenged now with money, and other issues.
  • How many men gave up personal time, wants and needs to be the best provider possible? How many still carry issues regarding that?
  • How many men have lost children, lost their lives protecting their families, or sacrificed themselves in one way or another for their children?
  • What about the challenges that remain in relationship to fathers? Many adults are challenged today by occurrences in their childhood with their fathers.
  • What about adoption? If your father adopted you, what are the significant challenges with that role? What if your father lost you to another and was denied the opportunity to be your father?
  • What has divorce done to fathers and their children and that ultimate relationship?
  • Did you become a father by choice?
  • Was there any verbal or physical abuse experienced or demonstrated? 

There are so many things we can clear between fathers and their children and children and their fathers and the overall experience of fatherhood, one clearing is likely not enough. However, we want to provide the opportunity to let you release whatever you have carried within that still remains as a block to your full self expression, joy and abundance this lifetime.

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She is also the twin flame of Archangel Michael because Archangel Faith is her high self. He asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and is the best-selling author of Clear Your Past and Change Your Future.

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