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Happy Father's Day......................
Zoe Rastegar -- Talk Show Host Zoe Rastegar -- Talk Show Host
Washington , DC
Sunday, June 17, 2012


Dad:  It is Father's day again and I miss you so bad,

Time slipped away and I miss everything about you dad.

                 I miss your presence in my life,

I miss your voice in our house,

I miss your laughs and your smiles,

I miss your penetrating eyes,

I miss your graceful walk, your great posture and your stride.

                I miss you every New Year gathering us around,

I miss your words of wisdom guiding us along,

I miss your way of living your life.

              I remember your tears for the first time when I left home for a new life,

I miss your kisses on my cheeks welcoming me home with the twinkles in your eyes,

I miss your arms around me holding me goodbye at each trip, every time,

I remember your letters of fatherly love,

I remember your voice over the phone although so far.

            I miss your character of content and calm,

I miss your grace, integrity and pride,

I miss your poetry,

I miss our exchange of literary lines,

I miss your passion for learning,

I miss your zest for living,

I miss your appreciation of beauty,

I miss your romance with life.

I miss you for just being around.

                          I miss your room with the smell of jasmines you grew,

I miss playing backgammon with you, sharing all you knew,

I miss you teaching me my first tango, offering me my first glass of wine

I even miss coming to your room just to say  hi,

                       I miss your faith in me,

I miss you respecting me calling me; "my pride",

I miss your high spirit and your love for life,

I even miss your occasional frowns.

                   I miss just all the memories with you when I was a child,

I miss things I could have done as an adult,

I miss the time I could have been around,

I miss the years that did gone by,

It was destiny we lived so much apart.

                 I miss so much not having the chance for our last goodbye,

Your tired eyes waited  at the door and I never made it in time,

  So many Father's Days have come without you,

I miss you, but you are present as you have never been gone.

                I miss you with my every breath and all the time,

Thinking of you brings me happiness and pride,

And I like to celebrate your life  by saying:

Happy Father's Day dad with all my heart.

Zoe Rastegar
Washington, DC
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