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Guaranteeing Jobs -- The Herman Trend Alert April 17, 2019
Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP --  The Herman Group Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP -- The Herman Group
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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


The Herman Trend Alert

April 17, 2019

Guaranteeing Jobs

Over the years I have written about hospitality's recruiting nightmare; there is simply a global shortage of good people to serve guests in many ways. Recently, the biggest challenge for hoteliers has been recruiting and retaining front-line staff, including chefs, servers, and front desk people. Last month, when I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, I spent some time with the General Manager of the Scandic Front Hotel where I stayed. This Herman Trend Alert details the innovative program that Scandic Hotels is launching in Scandinavia to respond to this critical shortage.

Skilled worker shortages in Denmark

According to new statistics from Dansk Erhverv, the Danish Chamber of Commerce, 46 percent of its members and the employers' association's member companies have experienced that it was either "very difficult" or "difficult" to recruit skilled workers. Furthermore, there has been a shift away from vocational education towards college and university programs. We have seen this shift globally with devastating consequences for the Trades in many developed countries.

Scandic's innovative program

Responding to these shortages, Denmark's largest hotel chain has moved in new ways to attract the necessary skilled labor with the goal of doubling the number of skilled students it attracts, for its four new hotels in Copenhagen and Aarhus within the coming years. Furthermore, the hotel chain will create new internal development and internship courses for training students in these career paths. The bottom line is to guarantee jobs to the students who stay in the program.

A brilliant---and necessary---move

With Scandic's rapid development in the Danish market, this is a brilliant move. They believe this program, including the job guarantee will allow them to attract even more talented young people in the future. "The job guarantee is a guarantee that young people will have access to attractive career opportunities in an international, expanded business," said Anne Mette Pedersen, HR Director at Scandic.

An excellent role model for other hoteliers

Though probably not unique among the world's hotel chains, Scandic's job guarantee is a superior program for recruiting front-line staff who can grow into hospitality leaders. I believe that independent hotels and others will do well to use this excellent role model to respond to workforce shortages in their areas. The challenge may be that independents will not have the scale necessary to make the investments in the unique training programs worthwhile. Kudos to Scandic for their effective response to recruiting challenges.

Special thanks to Jacob Brammer, General Manager at the well-run Scandic Front Hotel in Copenhagen for letting us know about this wonderful new program. To book a room with Scandic, visit their website.


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