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Groundbreaking Lecture Series for RDs and Health Professionals
Annette Hottenstein, Registered Dietitian Annette Hottenstein, Registered Dietitian
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Baltimore , MD
Monday, May 05, 2014


As wellness professionals, we go to great lengths teaching our clients about the health benefits of nutritious whole foods. Great care is taken in adjusting levelsof calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates for a particular patient. We also focus on all the wonderful nutrients present in the foods we prescribe.


But let’s face it: There is a disconnect between what we TELL a client and what they actually DO. Many times when prescribing a diet, we tend to focus too much onthe nutritional SUSTENANCE rather than the TASTE. Everyone loves wine tasting but what if RDs and wellness professionals could conduct similar tastings for apples, melons or leafy greenvegetables.

Sensory Evaluation is the missing link between practice and practicality! By trulyunderstanding what drives our clients to choose the foods they do, we can transform their health as well as our bottom line. Sensory evaluation has a rich and diverse toolbox that is much morethan just a ‘taste test’. In fact, many students around the world are working towards a Master’s or PhD in this topic. Understanding the sensory drivers of food preference is REALLY impactful –the food industry knows this and this is why they pay the big bucks to hire up all of these students upon graduation.


Sensory evaluation is a “scientific discipline used to evoke, measure, analyze, and interpret reactions to the characteristics in food and materials as they areperceived by the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing”. Principle uses are for quality control, product development and research. Sensory science works: The food industry has beenusing sensory evaluation since the 1940s AND the Commission on Dietetic Registration deems it important enough to have its own learning need code (8130). BUT, most RDs and wellness professionalsknow little to nothing about sensory science!


Most sensory scientists receive either a Masters or PhD in food science and complete a thesis/dissertation focused on novel application of sensory techniques. Thereis only a short list of Universities offering coursework in sensory evaluation, most of them happen to be at large land grand universities (such as Kansas State and Cornell University). There isalso a non-degreed certificate program offered in sensory from the University of California at Davis. This course is tailored to those already working in the food industry and costs $8,475. I’dlike to offer a similar program, but one that is specifically tailored to RD at a much lower price of $749.  


Why Sensory Evaluation?


Imagine being able to utilize secrets currently used only by large corporations to promote your practice and spread the word that nutritious foods can taste great.  Most, if not all, sensory curriculum is taught from the perspective of the food & beverage industry. There is power in showing how sensory evaluation can be leveragedspecifically for nutrition & wellness professionals, which is why this certificate series will specifically focus on:

  • Unique situations relevant to nutrition & wellness professionals
  • Specific types of sensory tests that can be utilized to achieve health & wellness goals
  • Practical examples of how sensory evaluation can increase your bottom line
  • Innovative uses of sensory evaluation such as becoming a ‘fruit and veggie sommelier

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Learning Made Easy & Fun!  12 course lecture series to include:


  • MAY 29TH, 2014 @ 12pm EST: Become a ‘fruit and veggie’ sommelier - An introduction to descriptive evaluation and it’s use for produce appreciation
  • JUNE 26th 2014 @ 8pm EST: The Physiology of the Senses and Taste Genetics
  • JULY 2014 TBD: Deep Dive into Discrimination and Threshold Testing
  • AUGUST 2014 TBD: Deep Dive into Descriptive Evaluation
  • SEPTEMBER 2014 TBD: Deep dive into Consumer Testing
  • OCTOBER 2014 TBD: Statistics for Sensory Savvy Wellness Professionals – including tips on becoming an Excel power user!
  • NOVEMBER 2014 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Academia and Clinical Research
  • DECEMBER 2014 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Food Service
  • JANUARY 2015 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Nutrition Counseling
  • FEBRUARY 2015 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Food Demos/Supermarkets
  • MARCH 2015 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Counseling Children
  • APRIL 2015 TBD: Sensory Science Applications: Working with Older Adults

This lecture series will be offered on a rolling basis: the entire series will be repeated at least 1x a year and some popular courses will beoffered multiple times a year.  Can’t make a course: Don’t worry - - allregistrants will receive a live recording and copy of all slides and class materials.


Each course is eligible for 1.5 CEUs (18 CEUs for the entire lecture series). Learning need codes will vary by lecture but will always include 8000 and 8130.


Sensory Certificate participants will have the opportunity to earn additional CEUs though self-study in preparation for the optional examination.


Gifts, Prizes, Winners!


All registrants for the certificate course received by June 1st, 2014 will be entered into a raffle to receive Sensory Evaluation Techniques, 4th edition by Meilgaard, Civille and Carr. This is a448 page college level textbook that is the “bible” of sensory evaluation!


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About Sensational Sustenance, LLC
Sensational Sustenance, LLC, is a nutrition and sensory evaluation consulting company serving the Baltimore metro area and beyond. A wide selection of services for businesses, academia and the community are offered: nutrition counseling, corporate health and wellness programs, food demonstrations, supermarket tours, restaurant and recipe menu analysis, sensory evaluation, focus groups and consumer satisfaction surveys. For more information, please visit http://www.sensationalsustenance.com

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