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Great Gifts for DOctors
Vicki Rackner MD ---  Selling to Doctors Vicki Rackner MD --- Selling to Doctors
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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

You invite some people over for dinner. You answer the doorbell and welcome your guests into your home. They hand you a bottle of your favorite Merlot. What a delight! 

?A thoughtful hostess gift builds rapport. 

But what if you don't drink? Or what if your guest—who is not Annie Leibowitz—gave you a CD of their vacation photos? 

The hostess gift divorced from the recipient's preferences builds distance rather than rapport. 

Marketing efforts, like hostess gifts, build either rapport or distance. A thoughtful object, word or action that delivers the message "I care about you" accelerates your business growth. 

“Gifts” with the message "Here's why you should care about me" retard your forward motion. Especially with doctors. As beautiful as your 4-color brochure is, a piece that's all about you is like the vacation photos. 

The pharmaceutical industry makes a sizable investment in gifts to give to doctors, and they do it for a good reason. Gift-giving works! 

The Law of Reciprocity says the gift recipient is more likely to act in a way that benefits the gift-giver.

Here are some thoughtful gifts that will help you build rapport with doctor prospects:
A well-chosen book.  Imagine if this were YOUR book.
Your listening ear. Doctors have surprisingly few people who listen to them.
A note of congratulations.  Set a Google Alert for each of your doctor prospects and clients.  If they are in the news, drop them a note with a comment.
A list of local resources that save time or money. When doctors start new jobs, they often do so July 1st. When you're new in town, it's always helpful to have lists like this.
Branded notepads, sticky notes, pens and coffee mugs.
A gratitude letter.  Let a doctor know how and why doctors have made a difference in your life. 
Custom gifts. If you know your prospects loves her dog, consider getting a branded doggy bowl.  If your client’s grandchild just got accepted to a college, get a sweatshirt with the college name.  .

?With each encounter, deliver something to that directly improves the condition of the recipient, solves a problem and shows you care.

My best,
Dr. Vicki

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