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Get ready for the Path to Total Visibility and Massive Impacts
Author U -- Judith Briles Author U -- Judith Briles
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Thursday, January 20, 2022


I’ve said it a zillion times: Speaking is the #1 way to sell books. But it’s just not in-person. It’s online presentations. It’s book clubs. It’s on podcasting. It’s the old-fashion buzz factor.

Joining me for this week’s podcast is Jackie Lapin who has developed an extensive toolbox and system for getting booked and taking advantage of the significant number of ways to get featured and supported with your book marketing, sales, and speaking. Her system is called Speakertunity, and we do a deep-dive into it.

Jackie will be doing a special live webinar on February 1—watch for details on the AuthorYou.org and TheBookShepherd.com websites. It will also be featured in next week’s Wednesday newsletter to start registering for it. There are millions of stages out there … looking for you. Live and virtual. Take advantage of them.

Get ready for the Path to Total Visibility and Massive Impact. Takeaways in this episode of the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing Podcast include:

  • Latest of getting booked on podcasts.
  • Why you need a Podcast One-Sheet, along with Speaker and Book.
  • Resource for copy/paste templates for your speaking promo needs. Discount code: Save20Sheets
  • How to create the ideal message to grab the attention of bookers.
  • How to identify which TEDx event could be a fit for you.
  • How to identify the right podcast to pitch to.
  • Booking DIY vs hiring someone.
  • and of course, much more.
Tune in for lots of ideas and how-to tactics via the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast. Since its inception, over 9,000,000 listeners have downloaded various shows for practical publishing and book marketing guidance. Join me and become a regular subscriber.

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