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Frugal Gambler – Retirement $$ by Age – Easy Weight Loss
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Washington, DC
Sunday, March 7, 2021


Frugal Gambler – Retirement $$ by Age – Easy Weight Loss

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The Frugal Gambler Casino Guide

Las Vegas Advisor -- Expert Gambling Books

Over the last two decades, Jean has refined the art of working players clubs, taking advantage of casino promotions and drawings, optimizing the use of casino coupons, and above all, playing the beatable games expertly. And while veteran gamblers will find dozens of valuable tips, they aren't the primary target of this book. Rather, recreational gamblers are the focus. With solid information on the ins and outs of the games, the systems, and the casino-employee mindset, the Frugal Gambler Casino Guide conveys concepts and strategies that will stretch bankrolls, reduce losses, and provide a blueprint for long-term casino success.

Anthony Curtis

Las Vegas Advisor




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Average Retirement Savings by Age

Greg Womack -- Certified Financial Planner

Finally, for most young people, retirement is pretty much the last thing on their minds as they enter the workforce. Still, almost everyone knows that the sooner saving for retirement is begun, the better off they'll eventually be. Last year was a tough year financially for most average Americans. Between March 2020 and January 2021, around 1.6 million people took money out of their 401(k) plans under the CARES Act. However, despite the volume of withdrawals, around a third of 401(k) savers managed to increase their savings. So how much money does the average American now have in his/her retirement account? Fidelity provided CNBC with the average amount of money Americans have saved in retirement accounts as of the fourth quarter of 2020, as well as contribution by % of salary, broken out by age cohort.

Greg Womack, CFP




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Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Ruth Houston - Eat Smart Easy Weight Loss Expert

This easy weight loss tip, takenfrom my upcoming book EatSmart and Lose Weight: Research-backed Ways to Lose Weight without Diets or Exercise was recently featured on the healthy eating website Eatthis.com

The reason I discourage putting serving bowls and platters on the table during family meals is that when the food within easy reach, it's too easy (and too tempting) to have a second or third helping. – Not such a good idea if you're trying to lose weight.

You're better off plating the food in the kitchen, restaurant-style. That way you (or anyone else) will have to leave the table to get another helping. Most of the time we only want a second helping just because the food is sitting there staring us in the face.

Ruth Houston, New York

718 708 9799 cell



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Covid Uncertainty in 2021

Rebecca Morgan - Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc

In a recent webinar, attendees responded to a poll by answering that uncertainty around Covid is one of the biggest concerns about 2021. It shouldn't be!

I started with responder poll results. I found the responses to this question: "My biggest concerns for 2021 are…" intriguing. The number one response was "continued uncertainty around Covid" while the 2nd most common response was "new regulations from Democratic administration." Fifty percent chose the first, and 38% chose the latter.

When I pursued the reasoning for ongoing Covid concerns, the dominant response was related to new variants. They each admitted that they knew how to handle scheduling and keeping people safe. Many had reduced product offerings and felt comfortable they could make smart rationalization decisions as conditions might change. They had confidence in science to modify vaccines quickly to address new variants. Yet that worry remained top of the list.

Rebecca Morgan




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If I Ran The Zoo, This is What I Would Do

Linda Popky - Leverage2Market Associates, Inc.

This week, Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced they would no longer be publishing six books by the popular children's author because they contain images that are racially insensitive.

The titles, including And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street, If I Ran The Zoo, and four others, were published in the early 1950s. Times have changed. Images that were considered acceptable 70 years ago are no longer appropriate today. Africans and Asians were portrayed with features that perpetuate negative stereotypes of these groups.

But there's more to Zoo than just the illustrations. If you haven't read this recently (or at all), the story is about young Philip McGrew. On a visit to the zoo, Philip decides he'd like to let all of the standard animals go free and replace them with the most unusual, most exotic Seuss-imagined animals instead.

We always saw this as a story of inclusion–even if you were different or unusual, there was a place for you and someone who would love you in spite of your peculiarities. It was perfectly OK to not be a lion or a tiger, but a Fizza-ma-Wizza-ma-Dill instead–in fact, maybe it could be even better.

Maybe the right thing to do is to not totally ban the book, but to offer it in context–similar to what HBO MAX did with the film Gone With the Wind. There are lessons to be learned here–how mores evolve, what changes we need to make to be appropriate for today's society, as well as the fact that there can still be value in something that is flawed. Use this as an example to teach school children of how we as a society learn and grow.

That's what I'd do, Philip McGrew. If I ran the zoo.

Linda J. Popky


650 281-4854


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Kevin Schewe, Author of 'Bad Love Tigers,' Interviewed on Business Tucson RadioX

Denver, CO—Kevin Schewe had a lively interview with Mark Bishop, host on Business Tucson RadioX, about Bad Love Tigers, the second installment in his Bad Love Gang sci-fi book series. An entertaining aspect of the interview was hearing about the genesis of the series, beginning in childhood, with interests in time travel, World War II, military aviation, science and more.

A practicing physician in Denver, Kevin Schewe carefully constructed the books to appeal to a wide range of ages and interests. In Bad Love Beyond they battle KGB agents during the height of the Cold War and dinosaurs on a planet across the universe. He explains to Bishop how real-life characters Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Gerald Ford, the latter first encountered as a young solider in World War II, both play pivotal roles in the first three books of the series.

A fun aspect of the book series is when the narrator, "Bubble Butt or BB" continually engages his "musical brain," a unique method which enhances scenes throughout all the books. Fans of the Bad Love Gang series can find the book music playlists on Spotify© and include famous, and not so famous, classics from The Beatles, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra and many others. Because of alien world and time-travel elements within each story, the songs are also employed as a form of universal communication device to foster better relations.

Scott Lorenz




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