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Foresight Strategies Show: Learning from Top Experts
Dr. Nilda Perez --  Futurist, Business Foresight Strategist, Speaker, Author Dr. Nilda Perez -- Futurist, Business Foresight Strategist, Speaker, Author
New Hampton, NY
Friday, May 4, 2018


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" Discoveries are best made through the eyes of experts - Foresight experts deliver insights"

NEW HAMPTON, NY - MAY 2018 – There is so much talk about preparing for the future with innovative ideas, being creative, and thinking 'outside of the box" but pragmatically what does this mean? How can we as entrepreneurs, professionals, or industry experts do it?  The Foresight Strategies Show features guests that discuss their application of creativity into their perspective industries.

For the last 18 months, Dr. Nilda Perez host and Rachel Calderon co-host of Foresight Strategies Show (FSS) have combed the earth finding those spectacular individuals that have rocked the world and are making a real difference in their companies and industries.

"You are a sum of the 5 closest people to you…" by surrounding yourself, being mentored, an avid reader, and pupil of the wise. The show offers listeners an opportunity to discover a new worldview. One that will change mindsets and businesses forever. Our experts demonstrate what thinking outside the box looks like. Their stories and examples instruct listeners on how they can stand far apart from their competition through awareness of trends, scenarios, and designing your desired future.

The Foresight Strategies Show is dedicated to promoting futurist from diverse industries their expertise in various industries and how they have implemented foresight into their perspective industry. This is an interactive program that encourages audience participation so that questions can be asked and topics explored.

The topics covered this month will be:

May 5rd – Dr. Josh Luke on "The Forecast on Health Wealth"

May 12th Steve Wells on "Leadership Skills for the Future"

May 19th- Dr. Riel Miller on "Developing Your Future Literacy"

May 26th- Alexandra Whittington on "Women Embracing Futurism"

"Prepare, Grow & Sustain The Future of Your Business Through Foresight Intelligence"



About: Dr. Nilda Perez is a futurist| business foresight strategist| mentor | trainer| consultant, earned a Doctorate in Strategic Foresight from Regent University. She is a member, and Outreach Coordinator of the Association of Professional Futurists. She uses foresight targeted strategies to position businesses in the 21st century by designing their preferred future to take them beyond their imagination.

Her goal is to help businesses of any size align themselves with future consciousness for longevity, an uncontested market space, increased profits, and maximum growth through foresight strategies with targeted tools, methods, and approaches. For more information, visit Dr. Nilda Perez or Foresight Strategies Group


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Name: Dr. Nilda Perez
Title: Futurist | Business Strategist
Group: Foresight Strategies Group
Dateline: New Hampton, NY United States
Direct Phone: 914-443-7063
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