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Five Authors Combine Forces to Benefit Animal Charity
Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach Kathy Gruver, Speaker, Author, Coach
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, December 2, 2016


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, 5 Authors Book Signing-LA County Store!

Contact: Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht. (323) 384-8433, peter@convergencehealing.com

Highly-Recognized Authors Come Together for a Group Book Signing

Give the gift of health and healing and set your inner actor free!

(Los Angeles, Silver Lake, CA) – Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht., author of Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love has gathered four of his friends and fellow authors to share their work with him at the super cool Los Angeles County Store in Silver Lake, CA. Bedard will be sharing his work along with actor guru Kevin E. West, 7 Deadly Sins the Actor Overcomes, activist Dr. Davina Kotulski, Behind Barbed Eyes, stress expert Dr. Kathy Gruver, Conquer Your Stress with Mind Body Techniques (five-time award-winner), and anti-pharmacist Dr. Leyla Ali, Off Balance, the American Way of Health.

The event will benefit Luxe Paws animal rescue (www.facebook.com/LuxePaws) based in North East Los Angeles with a raffle and is hosted by Mary Anne LoVerme, owner of the Los Angeles County Store, which features products and gift items from local Southern California artists, artisans, and craft makers.

Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love – Peter Bedard, MA, C.Ht. (Simon & Schuster/Enliven Books) is a story of how teacher and healer Peter Bedard came back from a near death experience (NDE) and healed himself of chronic pain and an assortment of dis-eases through a tried and true 10 step process he created and now uses with his clients across the globe. www.ConvergenceHealing.com

7 Deadly Sins the Actor Overcomes – Kevin E. West; Veteran television actor, expert opinion leader for the business of acting, public speaker and publisher. Founder of The Actors' Network. www.kevinewest.com, www.actors-network.com.

Behind Barbed Eyes – Dr. Davina Kotulski (Red Ink Press) When Bonnie Maldonado is incarcerated for driving the getaway car in a bank robbery, it's just another entry in the list of bad things that happen to her. A Dear John letter from her boyfriend, proves to be the final straw, and she breaks, drawing the attention of prison psychologist Dr. Victoria Thomas, an idealist who believes everyone deserves a second chance. Through their journey together, Maldonado and Thomas will uncover and face their darkest secrets and the consequences of their toughest choices. A realistic portrayal of the lives of women in prison and the prison system itself."

Off Balance, the American Way of Health – Dr. Leyla Ali, is a pharmacist's unique perspective of a failed healthcare system in which the medical doctors— that many depend upon for all their healthcare needs—are no longer trained in the basics of health; they are only trained in pharmaceutical drugs as a solution. She also has interviews with several individuals who have healed themselves from health conditions their doctors could not treat. www.DrLeylaAli.com

Conquer Your Stress with Mind Body Techniques – Dr. Kathy Gruver (Lotus Press) is a buffet of options for reducing your stress. Included is how to recognize stress, how stress manifests in the body and then dozens of techniques like meditation, mindfulness, visualizations and many more. This five-time award-winning book has something for everyone! www.thealternativemedicinecabinet.com

For more information call (323) 384-8433 or email peter@ConvergenceHealing.com  

Saturday December 10, 2016

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

LA County Store

4333 Sunset Boulevard, LA, CA 90029





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