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First Impressions Do Matter - Image Message to Teens
Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS -- Image & Branding Coach Yasmin Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS -- Image & Branding Coach
Bowie, MD
Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 First Impressions Do Matter – Teen Court Program Meets with

Image Consultant, Yasmin Anderson-Smith

Before a recent session of Teen Court came to order at the Prince George's County Courthouse in Upper Marlboro, Bowie-based Image and Personal Branding Consultant, Yasmin Anderson-Smith, enlightened student and adult participants with her message - Your Image Matters – Sharpen It! Student volunteers from Bowie, Laurel, Suitland and other Area high schools, parents, teachers, and staff of the Office of the State's Attorney attended the bi-monthly program. Designed as an alternative justice system, Teen Court gives young offenders (ages 10 to 17) a chance to learn from their mistakes without acquiring a record. The program is sponsored by the County State's Attorney's Office under the direction of State's Attorney, Angela D. Alsobrooks. Teen Court Administrator, Seun Williams invited Ms. Anderson-Smith to share her message on personal image and first impressions.

Following opening remarks of encouragement by Deputy State's Attorney, Tara Jackson, Ms. Anderson-Smith clarified the meaning of image as personal appearance, behavior and communication (verbal, body language and internet messaging). Real-world examples including the recent US Presidential debates and the, movie, The Pursuit of Happines were used to illustrate the power of image to shape first impressions and create a path to achieving personal development and success. Ms. Anderson-Smith explained that human beings have a natural tendency to form preliminary judgments based on appearance, demeanor and presence, typically occurring in the first three seconds of an initial meeting. Teen Court attendees were reminded however, that outward appearance does not define character which is shaped by personal values and reflects inner beauty and civility.

Ms. Anderson-Smith distributed unsharpened pencils inscribed with her branding message – Your Image Matter –Sharpen It! symbolizing the importance of making a positive impact, particularly when it counts most. Deputy State's Attorney, Jackson shared a story about a young man who appeared before a judge wearing a t-shirt inscribed, Forty and a Blunt. This, she explained, did not make a positive impression on the judge. Making a complementary point, Ms. Anderson-Smith told students that clothing and body language communicate a silent "language of attire" even before any words are spoken.

Ms. Anderson-Smith, AICI CIP, CPBS is co-author of the books, Executive Image Power, The Power of Civility, and several articles on image, personal branding, etiquette and civility. A parent of three and passionate about youth development and making a difference, in 2006 she founded Every Girl Can ™, a teen empowerment program to promote healthy body image and life skills. Online at www.kymsimage.com, www.everygirlcan.org and www.civilityexperts.com

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