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Fast Easy Ways To Instantly Look 10 Pounds Thinner
Eileen Hammel -  Smarter Image Eileen Hammel - Smarter Image
Philadelphia, PA
Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Fast Easy Ways To Instantly Look 10 Pounds Thinner

by Eileen Hammel


    Who doesn't want to look 10 pound thinner without diet, or exercise or even having to wear black everyday? Well now with these simple but amazing slimming techniques men and women of every weight, height or age can visually reshape, and reproportion their body to look at least ten pounds thinner. By Implement these effective techniques show off your best assets and disguise your worst, instantly appear thinner, increase your self confidence and actually smile when you look in the mirror.

Accentuate Your Assets & Eliminate Your Negatives - Accentuate and show off you attractive body features. Detract attention away from or conceal your not so pretty body features. This will draw people attention and focus to your positive features and away from your not so great body parts.

Practice Good Posture - By adapting good posture, standing up tall and straight, shoulders back and neck center, head erect, you will instantly reshape and enhance your figure.

Learn To Successfully Use Line - Use horizontal lines on areas you want to add curves and enlarge. Use vertical lines on areas you want to slim and lengthen. It's important to realize that line can be created by many things such as seams, necklines, pleats, ties, suspenders, scarves. Jewelry, or even the crease in your slacks can create; a nice slimming line.

Avoid Fabrics That Make You Look Heavy - Avoid any bulky heavy fabrics, fabrics that cling, fabrics that are shiny and fabrics that are stiff.

Use Color Creatively To Look Thinner - You don't have to give up bright or light colors to look thinner. Try this trick place the lightest or brightest color of your outfit on your positive areas and the darkest color of your outfit on your problem areas. The dark color will slim your problem area and the light - bright colors will draw attention to your positive areas.

Wear Clothes That Fits Properly - When clothes are too large and over sized they will make you look heavy. When clothes are to small they cling and pull tightly across your body and draw attention to an extra weight you may have. Select clothes that are slightly tailored and gently skim your body.  

Use Prints and Graphics Wisely - Don't wear large prints on problem areas .They will enlarge the area they are worn on especially large light or bold prints. Don't overlook large graphics used on T-Shirts. 

Invest In a Full Length Mirror — This is the best investment you can make to ensure that you have successfully applied the above nine steps. Always check your appearance in a full length mirror-after dressing. Be sure to check front, back and side views.




Eileen Hammel is President and Master Consultant at Smart Image a leader in the Image Industry and Nonverbal Communication Field. Eileen is recognized as a National and International Image, Makeover and Nonverbal Communication Expert. SI@smarterimageglobal.com

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