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Fake Hate Crimes – Slowing Down Covid-19 -- Philanthropy Pitfalls
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Sunday, December 13, 2020


Fake Hate Crimes – Slowing Down Covid-19 -- Philanthropy Pitfalls

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1) Discussing the "Why" Behind Fake Hate Crimes with Dr. Wilfred Reilly

Carol M. Swain -- Political Scientist and Commentator

Have you ever wondered why people report fake hate crimes? A few weeks before the November election, a young black teen in upstate New York defaced his mother's car with racial and homophobic epithets. In other words, to stoke racial and social unrest, he did a Jussie Smollett and was quickly caught. Professor Wilfred Reilly, an Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University and author of Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left is Selling a Fake Race War, shares with us how often fake hate crimes occur and what we can do to stop them.

Carol M. Swain

Nashville, TN



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2) Slowing down the transmission of COVID-19

Michael D. Shaw -- Expert in Health Care and Environmental Affairs

This HND piece takes a look at the rising number of cases, and recaps how we think that the virus is spread. thus, the old controversy of airborne versus droplets is reopened. Regarding masks, the consensus is that they help to some extent, but it is troubling that the widely used paper masks are never discussed in most references.

As to the upcoming vaccine, we're now told that even those vaccinated will still have to don masks...for a while. We also introduce an interesting product to protect you from dirty grocery carts—supposedly these harbor more than pathogens than public restrooms.

Michael D. Shaw

Reston, VA



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3) Five Potential Pitfalls for Next-Gen Philanthropists

Kris Putnam-Walkerly -- Global Philanthropy Expert

Some of the most common traps advisors can help younger clients avoid.

No doubt as a wealth advisor, you know that over the next 25 years, nearly 45 million U.S. households will transfer over $68 trillion in assets to heirs and charity. And you realize that this wealth transfer isn't just happening in the United States; it's happening around the world. India (home to 119 billionaires) will experience a $128 billion intergenerational wealth transfer over the next decade alone.

Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Cleveland, OH



Call/Text: 510-388-5231

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4) Don't Get Scammed: What to Know Before Hiring a Timeshare Exit Company

Every year timeshare owners lose millions of dollars by hiring the wrong exit company. A lack of effective regulation has led to the proliferation of timeshare exit companies -- many of which are not able to fulfill the promises made to their customers -- prompting the Better Business Bureau to issue alerts and revoke the accreditation status on over 40 timeshare exit companies.

"It can be difficult for timeshare owners to know who to trust," says Gordon Newton, president of Newton Group, a leading timeshare exit company for over 15 years. "Many exit companies lure timeshare owners with elaborate marketing gimmicks but lack a stable business model. That's why so many exit companies fold and, when they do, they take all their guarantees and money with them."

Newton says an astounding 25 percent of their clients (that's 1 in 4 timeshare owners) who tried ending their ownership before hiring Newton Group, had previously hired another exit company which failed -- costing consumers more time, money and the aggravation of still being locked in an unwanted timeshare contract.

But there is hope. To help timeshare owners vet exit companies and avoid hidden exit scams and pitfalls, Newton published the industry's first and only "Consumer's Guide to Timeshare Exit" in 2018. Now Newton has updated The Guide with crucial insights from this ever-evolving industry. For example:

• How seemingly harmless marketing ploys like "proprietary services" can hide deceptive -- or even non-existent -- exit services.

• The dangers that may be lurking behind an A+ rating at The Better Business Bureau and how to dig deeper using the BBB website to get a more complete picture of a company's experience and expertise.

• How a money-back guarantee can turn to dust when an exit company using risky exit processes goes bankrupt.

"We are proud of the protection the Consumer's Guide offers timeshare owners," Newton says.

"This has been our unwavering focus and it shows in everything we do, from our customer service to our timeshare exit process -- we educate, empower and protect. Newton Group clients rest easy knowing they hired the right exit company and that we are working on their behalf."

For even more tips and insight, visit myexitguide.com to download a free copy of "The Consumer's Guide to Timeshare Exit" or call (888) 344-9776.

Gordon Newton, president of Newton Group,

    (888) 344-9776.

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5) After Such A Chaotic 2020, We Needed Not One But 2 Colors of the Year.

Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer

Grey became a symbol of resilience and steadiness after the 2008 housing crash when many people felt the ground had been pulled out from under them. It is also a color of uncertainty, wariness and gloom. Grey was going out before this "storm" came in and I knew it would keep grey in the mainstream.

Yellow is a color of optimism and friendliness. It is a color that inspires happiness and connection.

Jeanette Chasworth -- The Color Whisperer

Los Angeles, CA 626 485 6354


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6) The 2020 Crisis Management Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame

Edward Segal, Crisis Management Expert

Crisis management expert and author Edward Segal said today "This has been a banner year for crisis management—and mismanagement—with plenty of examples of the good, bad, and ugly ways companies, organizations, and individuals responded to their emergencies, disasters, and scandals."

In a new article on Forbes.com, Segal wrote "If there were an official Crisis Management Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame, the list of those who should be enshrined for what they did—or did not do—in 2020 would be quite lengthy." But because there are no brick-and-mortar Crisis Management Halls of Fame and Shame, he has created his own virtual version.

Edward Segal

Washington, DC



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7) Preparing for Long-Term Care Has Never Been More Important

Matt McCann -- Long Term Care Expert

In the middle of the virus crisis, some people would think that waiting for long-term care planning would be prudent. However, planning for the financial costs and burdens of aging has never been more important than it is today. Plus, planning can be done safely in your home without fear of seeing anyone in their office.

Matt McCann, a nationally known expert on long-term health care planning, told a group of Wisconsin insurance agents and financial planners in a Zoom conference that the current crisis is an excellent example of how things can change rapidly.

"Planning for the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of long-term care is essential to an overall retirement plan. We see every day the impact this crisis has placed on American families. Our investments are on a roller coaster. For those who need long-term health care today, financial hardship is obvious. The emotional impact on our families, however, creates stress and anxiety," McCann explained.

The risk of needing long-term health care grows with age.

Matt McCann

Chicago, IL



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8) Thirty Second Stress Reset from Harvard trained Psychotherapist

Madelaine Claire Weiss, LICSW, MBA, BCC

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 8 in 10 people are reporting significant stress right now.

Stress is not what happens, as much as it is our response to challenges/demands that causes anxiety, depression, physical symptoms, and problems with memory and concentration. All of these things interfere with our satisfaction and success in life.

And this 30 second breath exercise, that I like to call "Power Breathing," can reset the mind under stress.

WHY THIS WORKS When the brain senses danger, even if it's only being late for a meeting, or having an argument with a loved one, the sympathetic nervous system is activated.

Then we are in fight or flight mode. The heart is racing and blood goes to the limbs so we can run from the tiger on the Savannah—only it's not a tiger, and we are not on the Savannah.

When things go well, we settle down and sanity is restored. But too often the mind wants to get involved with why is this happening, what's wrong with me, where is this going... And then we can get stuck, and when we are stuck we can get sick, and otherwise mess up our lives.

So we have to get out in front of that, and with this tool—to flip us from the sympathetic fight or flight to parasympathetic calm—we can.


Physical and emotional calm and well-being bring so many health benefits, and emotional states are contagious so relationships are improved.

Cognitively, with the blood restored to the brain, we are in much better shape to make better decisions for satisfaction and success in our lives.


This is diaphragmatic breathing or belly breathing, which means we take:

luxurious breaths

In through the nose, out through the nose

? Belly out on the in-breath, belly in on the out-breath

Anxious breathing fills the lungs and makes us more anxious. So for this exercise, the chest does not move. Only the belly moves, all the way out on the in-breath and all the way in on the out-breathe—3 luxurious breaths, closing our eyes or simply gazing downward if you prefer.

This simple but powerful tool can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime. The more we use it, the more habitual it becomes, and the more positively it will affect every area of our lives.

Simple instruction is on the "Complimentary…" pulldown as "Power Breathing" at madelaineweiss.com. Enjoy!

Madelaine Claire Weiss

Washington, DC



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9) How Are You Being Heard?

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert -- Leadership is a Mindset

Isn't it fascinating when you perceive that you couldn't be clearer in how you communicated something and your co-worker doesn't have a clue what you're talking about?

Communication snafus like this happen every day, and sadly, some people think that the way to resolve it is to say the same thing over and over (remember the definition of insanity…). Instead, consider how you can rephrase or use an example to make your point.

Even better is to ask the person a question, and how she answers will tell you a lot. The dialogue that ensues should go a long way to clarify any misunderstandings.

When a communication misunderstanding occurs, consider what happens differently when you write (email or text) vs. talk (in person, phone, video call). Written communication tends to be more black and white while verbal comments reveal more shading, such as tone of voice and gestures.

If you have an ongoing communication misunderstanding over email, switch to voice. Most resistance that occurs over email can be resolved through talking.

It takes two or more people to communicate, so keep in mind that you're one of at least two participants. If you are in a leadership role and having dialogue with one or more employees, they may be cautious in how they interact with you while you may not be paying attention to the role differences.

For a little self-reflection, note how you communicate with others by email or by voice. How does it change? How different is it when you are in "the boss" mode versus speaking with a friend?

When you have the same kind of communication challenges with different people, observe what you say and do and see how you can adapt your communication to be more effective. You may find this difficult to do on your own, so ask a friend or a professional advisor to help you see how your communication may be improved.

Dr. Lisa M. Aldisert –

New York, NY



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10) What is the Influence of Appreciation and Praise in our Lives?

Michael J. Mayer -- Licensed Psychologist - Consultant

Appreciation and Praise are more powerful motivators than money and physical intimacies. Some things you can do include: be polite and respectful, as people for their solutions for a problem, don't give orders, listen, be positive. Listen now to learn more.

Mike Mayer

Columbia, MO



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