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ExpertRoundUP --- Futurists for Interview
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ExpertRoundUP --- Futurists for Interview
Rave Reviews! for Will Computers Revolt?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability of computers to think like humans, may seem like a sci-fantasy set far in the future, but in reality, it is right around the corner. Without a degree in Computer Engineering how can one understand what this technology is, how it works, and what it means for our society as a whole?

Will Computers Revolt? gives readers an excellent place to start. This well-researched and provocative book offers many real-world examples to interest the computer novice, along with enough technical detail to convince even the most well-versed computer scientist. Written in layman's language, Simon invites readers of all backgrounds to explore the world of computer intelligent technology and how we can best prepare to avoid potential future disaster.

Charles J. Simon:  425-765-8162




More Than Money and Jobs

From the US Presidency to the media to academia Military Keynesianism is strong and alive even today.  The establishment, even in a recent large conference in Berlin on military budget reductions, consistently looks at military spending as either money or jobs.  Nobody seems to understand that military spending is much more than that, it is lost capital investment and lost manufacturing and lost manufacturing productivity.  This lost economic growth opportunity is far more costly to society than any other aspect of military spending and is rarely understood or researched at all.  This "changes everything", to recognize the economic stagnation and socio-economic decline of empire and manufacturing that directly results internally with high levels of military spending, indeed, at any level of military spending.  This is what I mean by the "Peace Economics" difference, a term I invented in 1986 and has been stolen and misused by the Italians and Code Pink among many others.  Inevitably, when others use the term, they mean money and jobs only, not the engines of economic growth in the terms manufacturing, investment, and productivity.  There is a widespread false equivalency assumed between the military economy and the manufacturing economy.  The fact that one is economically a dead end and the other leads to economic progress is lost on almost everyone, including almost all peace studies people.

Dr. Robert W. Reuschlein   608-230-6640




The Coronavirus Pandemic


The Story of an Pandemic

First detected mid-December in the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, for a few weeks, the number of cases remained small. At that time, public health officials believed direct exposure was necessary to spread the disease; thus they believed that only animal exposure in the market was responsible. However, now that the number has increased significantly, it is obvious that there is critical human-to-human transmission. The World Health Organization has declared novel coronavirus a global health emergency. At this writing, there are almost 25,000 confirmed cases in more than two dozen countries

Joyce L. Gioia, CMC, CSP    336-210-3548





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