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ExpertClick, News Release Wire & ExpertBook features and benefits:
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Washington , DC
Sunday, November 10, 2019


ExpertClick, News Release Wire & ExpertBook features and benefits:

  • Four membership levels.
  • Four ranking levels. 
  • four reasons for content marketing,
  • Six Ways to Send a News Release.

The four membership levels.

  1. Free with two monthly news releases.
  2. Paid Classic with unlimited news releases and ExpertBook profile.
  3. Paid Full page in the Expertbook, unlimited news release that are featured at top of results.
  4. Paid Curator who earns royalty, where you get a Curator banner and can invite new members to join on your primacy topic.

The four ranking levels:

  1. Subscriber
  2. Member
  3. Fan
  4. Influencer

The four reasons to push content.

  1. As a news release about you and what you are doing.
  2. As  a onboarding tool to push content to social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.
  3. As a question in the headline and answer in the text as many people search on questions – you great SEO as people use question to search, but as they don't know your solutions the can't search on them.
  4. As a nomination of a new expert, as a recommendation – and if they join and upgrade you earn a $100 royalty.

The six ways to send a news release, either a www.ExpertClick.com with full features or www.NewsClick.com where news release may be sent with 7 keystrokes.

  1. As text
  2. As HTML
  3. As a screen shot, with a headline you enter.
  4. As PDF, where you load the PDF.
  5. As a hosted Tweet, where you enter the headline and the Twitter Embed code.
  6. As a video news release where you enter a headline and embed a YouTube video.

I'll soon have two videos:

  1. An into video to introduce the system for those considering joining.
  2. A comprehensive onboarding with all the "how-to" info.




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Group: Broadcast Interview Source, Inc.
Dateline: Washington, DC United States
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