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Expert Click Radio Showcases Larry Tracy, Author of Bring Home the Bacon & Former Intel Briefer for Joint Chiefs & State Dept.
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Georgetown, DC
Friday, September 7, 2018

Expert Click Radio

Expert Click Radio, a content producing PR program co-produced by E.B. GO Vision Media, is currently showcasing Larry Tracy, author of Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations that Get "Buy-in" from ANY Audience, on various permanent content and social media online platforms. Offered to Expert Click members as an additional service, Expert Click Radio is designed to highlight the best of what a client has to offer in terms of knowledge, experience, products and more. The Member is booked for a 30-minute radio interview on a syndicated radio show, which is scripted by E.B. GO Vision Media and the client so the end product contains the most vital elements required.

Then the audio file is captured, edited for cleaning, posted on the ECR Sound Channel and embedded on the client's Expert Click Press Room Page. Sound Cloud podcast embed codes, which can be posted directly to Word Press sites, are provided for use on websites or to be employed in Expert Click Internet News Releases, generated thru the News Release Wire online platform. The client also receives the podcast audio file for further use. Should it be desired, the segment can also be broken down into targeted subject based podcasts.

Broadcast Interview Source, Inc. of Washington D.C., publishes the Expert Referral website: www.ExpertClick.com — the site helps journalists, meeting planners and lawyers, respectively find Interview subjects, speakers for events, and expert witnesses. To be interviewed contact Expert Click at Mitchell.Davis@ExpertClick.com or 202-333-5000.

Larry Tracy signed up for Expert Click Radio and was interviewed by James Lowe on Thursday, August 30th about his new book, Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations that Get "Buy-in" from ANY Audience, the tenants of a presentation philosophy honed during his military career and how becoming an effective public speaker can change one's professional and personal life. As an Army Colonel, Tracy was the senior intelligence briefer to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and assigned by the Reagan White House to the State Department to explain and debate controversial policies to frequently hostile audiences throughout  the county. So successful was he in these "encounters" that President Ronald Reagan called him "an extraordinarily effective speaker."

His initial interview resulted in Tracy becoming a weekly contributor to James Lowe's syndicated radio show to discuss the speaking styles of powerful people and historical figures, aspects of the book, effective presentations and effective communications in a technologically driven and shortened attention span world. After 25-years in the military, Tracy took his knowledge and wisdom to the private sector, coaching executives and project managers how to create and deliver  highly-effective, contract-winning presentations.

The heart of Bring Home the Bacon is Tracy's S3P3 System, especially the practice technique he brings from the military—the Murder Board, a simulated practice presentation before a live audience which allows a presenter to learn from his/her mistakes before the "real thing." James Lowe and Larry Tracy went through this key part of the book, richly illustrated by real world examples from the author. Tracy continually emphasized the need for pre-presentation preparation by speakers, whether that is mastering content, researching the target audience or creating an effective style.

Here are the first four edited podcasts from Larry Tracy's Expert Click Radio Appearance:

Intro of Larry Tracy, Author of Bring Home the Bacon on Creating Effective & Winning Presentations

How Book Bring Home the Bacon Came to be with Larry Tracy Talking on James Lowe Radio Show

Presentation Preparation, Knowing Your Audience & The Murder Board by Larry Tracy

Larry Tracy's S3P3 Presentation System & Adapting It To Any Public Speaking Situation

Bring Home the Bacon: How to Deliver Persuasive Presentations that Get "Buy-in" from ANY Audience is available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book for $ 3.99.

About Larry Tracy:

President Ronald Reagan praised Larry Tracy as "an extraordinarily effective speaker" for his speeches on controversial policy issues addressing some of the U.S. toughest audiences. A former army colonel, Larry originally managed and trained the Pentagon's top briefing team, the Defense Intelligence Agency's Presentation Division. He was responsible for daily strategic intelligence briefings to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense, Congressional staffs and other Washington decision-makers. His skills took him to the State Department, where he delivered hundreds of presentations on contentious foreign policy issues, many of them debates occurring before demanding, often hostile, audiences.

Described by his superior as "the State Department's most sought after and articulate spokesman," he was invariably assigned the most difficult speaking assignments. Larry helps train speakers and presenters to convert audiences that have already made up their minds. His specific training and consulting specialties include presentation skills for executives, public speaking for professionals, persuasion skills training, managing audience emotions, and preparation for media appearances.

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