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Ex-MMA Fighter from New Jersey Rises Up From Alcohol & Drugs Knock-Down
Jay Isip Jay Isip
Newark, NJ
Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Chasing Happy: An Aimless High to Happiness is the no-holds barred memoir of an MMA fighter who got back up after defeat.
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There is hope for those who are lost in transition, addicted to drugs or alcohol, and those who are depressed because they see no way out.

An escape route from feeling trapped to freedom has been spelled out by retired Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Jerome "Jay" Isip, a success first in business and then as an author, who has published his second book focusing on a darker time in his life when alcohol and drugs ruled.

Although he is now a well-recognized author with several entrepreneurial ventures on his professional resume, he is no stranger to the feelings of self-doubt, depression and lack of direction that overwhelm so many teens and young adults.

For Isip that period caused him to lead a life controlled by alcohol and drugs (prescriptions and street drugs) that almost ended his life. Then he climbed back from near self-destruction and found the courage to live a life of fulfillment, lasting happiness, clarity and purpose, and a joy that endures.

That story is told in Isip's second book, Happy Chasing Happy: An Aimless High to Happiness (Volume 1 Fight Addiction) which is the no-holds barred memoir of an MMA fighter who got back up after defeat and found a worthwhile, successful life outside the ring. (ISBN 1683016386, 2016, Tate Publishers, 216 pages. Available on Amazon in paperback $16.99,  Kindle $4.99 or at: http://www.HappyChasingHappy.com)

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"Happy Chasing Happy is my new book series about my journey to happiness," says Isip. "Readers will enjoy the colorful, hilarious, and emotional roller-coaster of events and lessons. I am no stranger to chasing 'happy.' Caught in the exciting, yet dangerous, cycle of seeking higher highs and lower lows and pushing the limits of my body, mind and spirit with drugs, alcohol and life experiences, I made the journey to the abyss and survived to tell the tale."

Inside the candid biography, this conversational, authentically-written book tells the story of a man on a mission to find his own version of happy in a way that only a kid from the streets of New Jersey could attempt.

Packed with vivid true stories, funny metaphors, and obscure pop-culture references, Happy Chasing Happy is a humorous, insightful, informative, and inspiring book that will entertain readers and find some hope for happiness. It was recently awarded Honorable Mention in the Los Angeles Book Festival in the 'General Non-fiction' category.

Isip's first book was the top selling inspirational and motivating "10 Stacks to Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time." Isip has plans for publishing Volume 2 of Happy Chasing Happy with emphasis on clearing the cloudy road away from smog to a self-driven life of clarity.

About Jerome "Jay" Isip

A retired Martial Arts Fighter, Jerome "Jay" Isip has owned and operated a gym and hair salon, formed an app development venture, and entered the investment relations business. After authoring "10 Stacks to Success" he recently published his second book, "Happy Chasing Happy" which was awarded Runner Up in the Great Southeast Book Festival. He is a native of and still lives in New Jersey. www.HappyChasingHappy.com


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