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Evidences of Compromise
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Saturday, March 21, 2020



Circumstances between candidates and the military take many forms.  Statistically the correlation between military spending and political power is powerful and direct.  Nothing is more easily distributed among states than the military budget, with key committees and leaders holding great power based on their ability to allocate military funds.  This is why presidential candidates usually flourish thanks to the military in their home states and districts, which among other things jobs in military industries pay about one third more than comparable jobs in American industry, and foreign policy experience ranks very high in presidential candidate success.  Hence Joe Biden is running away with the Democratic nomination.

Campaign Compromised?

Long before the current campaign all elected U.S. presidents during the Cold war (46 years) came from above average per capita military spending home states, and congressional leaders, cabinet members, and Supreme Court Justices are about 80% from high military spending states.  So it is a good question whether military support compromises a political candidate.  Bernie Sanders has more donations from the active duty military than any other presidential candidate (Rolling Stone).  But it may not be so simple in his case, because 47% of the military are opposed to Trump as an erratic commander in chief, and Bernie's one major accomplishment is a Veterans overhaul bill when he was chair of the Senate Veterans Committee.  Bernie opposition to the Iraq War has become a general opposition to Asian land wars in general.  The B-35 base in Burlington, Vermont is an example of Sanders having a typical liberal bias against wars but in favor of home state military spending.  Sanders straddled this issue in 2016 with about a dozen proposals on his official campaign website all funded by taxes and none funded by defense cuts.  In 2020 he has been willing to cut military spending, so he has improved.

Perfect Campaign Undermined

While the field of Democrats was much larger Sanders and Warren jointly took on all comers in an early summer debate defending Medicare for all, both looking very good.  But when Warren was leading in the polls in the Fall, the misogyny of the Bernie Bros came out when these online trolls took her down calling her an elitist.  Perhaps it all was inevitable that name familiarity from prior presidential campaigns led to Biden and Sanders becoming the final two.  Biden's foreign affairs "expertise" looks like a comfortable fit for a president who is really an emperor.  Our Madison Wisconsin office of the Warren campaign led the nation in phone calls, and one late rally of Warren looked almost exclusively Women and girls on C-SPAN.  One C-SPAN call-in one morning started out with several Warren calls in a row.  Warren ran a campaign against corruption and her wealth tax was adopted by Sanders.  Last summer in Madison the Democratic Party table at the popular farmer market Warren had five times the votes of any other candidate in the race.  Even James Carville did not understand what went wrong with her campaign, as he praised her many attributes. 

Great Cycle Virus

Again and again press references suggest similarities between the so-called Spanish flu of 1918 and this year's coronavirus, 102 years later.  My scientific broadening of Kondratiev's long economic cycle theory to include the war and natural cycles suggests every other 54-year cycle is geographically similar, alternating from Southern Hemisphere led to Northern Hemisphere led and back again.  The two great flu viruses both occur in Southern/Ocean led cycles, with ocean dominance affecting coastal areas more than interior continental areas.  The double cycle is 108 years with expected major wars in 1916 and 2024.  Thus the 108-year cycle was two years late last century and four years early this century.  Furthermore, this event has turned out to be a recession, following Clement Juglar's investment cycle of mostly 8 to 10 years and occasionally 7 to 11 years.  Since three-year inventory economic cycles have disappeared in the U.S. after 1980, the Juglar cycle has dominated with recessions in 1982, 1991, 2000, 2009, and now 2020.  That's four nine-year cycles in a row until this 11-year cycle.  Sorry social scientists but numbers and patterns are important and not so easily dismissed as many do.


Many things go into the evidence of compromise, but the basics are simple:  Military spending as a drag on the manufacturing economy is clear in my many studies.  Bias in favor of military spending states economy candidates in politics is very strong and explains much of politics.  Good candidates don't always win, but name familiarity from prior runs often dominates.  And just as health issues correlate inversely with high military spending countries and states, the natural long cycle has many components like economics, war, civil rights, and now a major health issue.

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