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Equinox 8-Week Fitness Class Regimen That Changed Everything: 75 Classes in 54 Days with 10 Days Rest Created a New Body
James Lowe - Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host James Lowe - Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host
Salina, KS
Monday, November 6, 2017

Equinox, Marina Del Rey

Finding a fitness regimen that suits the moment and is effective can be a tricky endeavor. A brave start often has a bad ending as results don't come quickly enough and the grind gets weary, especially those involving News Year's Resolutions. For one new member of the Equinox Fitness Club in Marina Del Rey, California, the timing was right to put all the chips down and grind his body hard not really knowing where it would lead?

Previous to joining Equinox, in mid-August 2017, he had been recovering from a serious illness and the intense fitness solution, from October 2016 to July 2017, involved running 500 miles in the soft sand at five miles per clip and swimming nearly 3,000 freestyle laps. On October 17. 2016 the soft sand running kicked off the hard work and was done in three boot camp blocks averaging 45 days in length with 125 to 145 miles covered.

Swimming started slowly, previous to running, but picked up tempo dramatically after the first running block, which went from October 17 to November 25, 2016. In between the first and second running blocks it was the drought ending rainy season in Southern California and an intense two months plus were spent in the pool. In February 2017, the running started again and ended with an inflamed IT Band in the right knee area in late July.

All this set the foundation for what was to come at Equinox from September 14 to November 6, 2017. While the running and swimming had done their job, what was missing was intense strength and cardio training in a more focused manner. Not knowing what to expect at Equinox, and having to nurse the swollen knee, there was a few weeks of getting used to the club and trying to heal up a bit.

Then on September 14 Fate took a hand and he wandered into a Pilates class, taught by Dane Sorenson, who also convinced him to join his Saturday morning Barre Fit Cardio-Dance class, both forms of exercise he had never participated in before. Quickly it was perceived that Pilates was the key to all the other forms of exercise and after two weeks all other manner of strength training, rowing, boxing, dance and other classes were added to the routine.

Strike while the iron was hot was the motto and multiple class days, with the attendant risk of overtraining or injury ever present, were completed with dramatic results. His body recovered rapidly, and positive results piled up as he fought through the pain of it all.

In 8 weeks he lost 23 pounds and a solid core was created, primarily with Pilates, that paved the way for rapidly escalating successful participation in all manner of classes. Despite hurting and inflamed, the right knee held up, got stronger and was largely healed by this writing on November 6.   

The teachers and trainers at Equinox are terrific and he can't stop singing the praises of this club that changed everything for him in such fantastic manner.

Here is the list of Equinox Fitness Classes: 75 Classes in 54 Days with 10 Day's Rest:

16 Pilates Classes

12 Shockwave Rowing-Strength Training Classes

10 Barre Fit Cardio Classes

6 Pure Strength Classes

6 The Cut Boxing-Cardio Classes

5 Kettleball-Viper Strength Training Classes

4 Gentle Yoga Classes

4 Zumba Dance Classes

3 Above the Belt Strength Training Classes

3 Dance Classes

2 Body Challenge Strength Training Classes

3 4x4 Strength Training Classes

1 Cardio Kick Class

For more info go to www.Equinox.com

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