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Elevator Talk From Change Masters Incorporated
Change Masters Incorporated Change Masters Incorporated
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Minneapolis , MN
Friday, August 30, 2019


The elevator dance is learned from experience.  One person stands in the middle. A second person arrives and they quietly move to separate rear corners. A new person on the next stop positions in near the front corner. As more people arrive, they distribute fairly evenly. Two people get off and the group shifts to balance the positioning. People are often looking at their phones, the changing floor numbers or the floor. Nobody talks.

People in elevator.

Sometimes I choose to break the silence and a light conversationoccurs. When exiting, there is an exchange such as “Have a nice day.” It turnsout that most people like some sort of light interaction in an elevator, butare hesitant to start.

Studies have found that seemingly superficial encountersamong strangers can have significant emotional and physical health benefits forthe people involved.

Shawn Horn, a psychologist in Spokane, Washington explainsthat we are social animals traveling in a small contained box we call anelevator. Small-talk makes a safer connection for most people.

Other shared experiences in buses, trains or waiting lines are opportunities for engagement. A smile, eye contact, and a comment can go far. It can start with thanking someone for holding the door of the elevator.

One elevator company’s etiquetteguide says, “While exchanging quick pleasantries with other passengers isconsidered well within the range of good elevator etiquette, striking upawkward conversations with strangers or carrying on conversations with yourfriends in a loud manner is not OK.”

The average elevator ridelasts 30 seconds … about as long as a TV commercial. It’s enough time to showinterest in another human being and share a smile. It is likely to improve youremotional health and that of the others in the box we call an elevator.

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