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Earthquake in China – Prepare Your Home and Workplace - 4 Tips
Scott M. Haskins --  Art Damage Expert Witness Scott M. Haskins -- Art Damage Expert Witness
Thursday, April 15, 2010

Earthquake in China – Prepare Your Home and Workplace

The reports from China about the massive earthquake once again remind us of the every increasing activity that puts our homes and businesses at risk. You realize, of course, that with an earthquake you also have broken pipes, water damage and mold. For those of you NOT in earthquake country, think again! A hurricane or tornado rattles and shakes you up in the same way.

Manage risk, prepare and feel more peace of mind by taking action with the following tips:

1. Earthquake insurance is cheap but an add on.

2. Strap down tall furniture that will topple over.

3. Anchor down collectibles in curio cabinets and on shelves that can fly around and cause damage, besides being broken.

4. Make copies of important documents, printed on a laser writer onto acid-free, buffered paper. Keep the copy in another location, out of your area.

Here's a real life story you'll like. A customer who collects Pre-Columbian artifacts took my advice and anchored down his collection out of his shelves with an anchor wax. He stored the rest of the collection in appropriate boxes with proper packing materials. His collection, back 15 years ago, was appraised at over $3 million. He lives in Northridge California.

Within a year of taking action, the Northridge Earthquake hit and he was at the epicenter. Not one of the items was broken! But then, take note of this! He went to his insurance company, Lloyds of London and told them how he took action to prevent damage. They lowered his premiums by 30 %.

Apply this example to your family's collectibles and family history items at home or consider the value of items in the workplace and you can readily see that "value" can be defined as financial, historical or emotional. What would you regret loosing? If you lost key, creative and intellectual property, would your business survive?

Take note, Chinese ancestors are calling out to warn us all.

Scott M. Haskins
Conservator, Author
Save Your Stuff LLC
Santa Barbara, CA