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Drinking Water -- Christine Kloser -- Hong Kong Demonstrations.
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Friday, August 02, 2019

Drinking Water -- Christine Kloser -- Hong Kong Demonstrations.
August 02, 2019
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*Who?s Minding Our Drinking Water?
The EPA oversees water quality in your home, while the FDA ensures the safety of bottled water. But the federal government doesn't require bottled water to be safer than that from the tap. While larger cities disinfect water and filter it to remove pathogens, or test for giardia & cryptosporidium viruses, bottled water doesn't even have to be tested!
Cindy Klement -- Expert
Contact: Scott Lorenz  734-667-2090    scottlorenz@westwindcos.com
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*162 ? Her clients love her: Tom interviews Christine Kloser
[00:00:27] Hey everybody it's Tom here and we are at screw the commute boy I got a great guest today just a prolific prolific business person and I just love her to death. I'll tell you about her in a moment. Just a moment for our sponsor and I am on my knees I am begging the dogs think I'm trying to play with them. I am begging you do not buy higher education for yourself or nephews nieces kids that you have until you listen to the webinar I have about it on screwthecommute.com. Your eyes will just bug out at the money wasted on higher education that we can help you get out of. So go over to screwthecommute.com and you can check that out later.
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*China?s Anschluss of Hong Kong
The rapidly escalating and violent demonstrations in Hong Kong is a face-off between China, an autocratic economic and political behemoth and Hong Kong, an independent (less foreign affairs responsibilities) democratically run entity under a special agreement for the next 28 years, a city with enormous global economic clout and credibility without peer.
I believe that China's President Xi does not want to wait another 28 years to officially fully absorb Hong Kong into China which would become an indelible part of his legacy. For this reason he welcomes the challenge and "provocation" of Hong Kong residents in their mass demonstrations as an excuse to re-establish "law & order" through the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) intervention if Hong Kong law enforcement is overwhelmed or "requests" PLA assistance to come to their rescue.
Albert Goldson
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1. Here's how you know a political candidate is an untrustworthy weasel: he places the official United States Marine Corps emblem on his campaign material. That would be Rep. Duncan Hunter, a Republican who has represented a conservative district near San Diego. This month, Hunter received a letter from the Marine Corps
—that also had the official Marine emblem on it, but legitimately, unlike Duncan's mailers—telling him he did not have permission to use the symbol and demanding that he stop immediately. The letter suggested that Mr. Hunter use an approved "Marine Veteran" emblem instead.
The man's a long-time member of Congress, and he doesn't know the basic fact that using any organization's official emblem, logo or letterhead for an unrelated communication dishonestly suggests that that a communication has been endorsed by the organization? This isn't an accident. This is misappropriating and intentional deception.
Or stupidity, of course. Any of the three ought to disqualify Hunter for Congress.
Jack Marshall -- jamproethics@verizon.net  
Cell or text to:  571-212-0905
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*Apps for Stalkers Disguised as Parental Control Tools
Robert Siciliano -- Identity Theft Expert Robert Siciliano -- Identity Theft Expert
Boston , MA
*Apps for Stalkers Disguised as Parental Control Tools
Sell something called "SuperParent" or even the actual FlexiSpy — and all is swell. Frankly, I'm not opposed to monitoring a child's phone, kids shouldn't have phones anyways.
Robert Siciliano    Robert@IDTheftSecurity.com
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