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Do You Qualify? Get your 'Expert Score'
Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com Mitchell P. Davis -- Editor and Publisher of www.ExpertClick.com
Washington, DC
Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Do You Qualify?    Get your "Expert Score."


Please complete this questionnaire and we will let you know your possible membership status that can run from being a paid professional member that honor and pay int our creator program to being a free guest member to discounted advanced member – or maybe not invited.

Yes, we do flat our turn people down when they can't pass our benchmarks.

….and you'll get an "Expert Score" you can share.

We include experts and news makers on these levels:

  • Creators who get paid.  Yes, we'll ask to see verification of your income elsewhere.
  • Expert Witnesses – free – yes, well need to verify your professional testimonial experience.
  • Spokespersons – free – yes, we'll need to see your listed on the corp. or assoc. site.
  • Authors – free – yes, we'll need to see a book at Amazon.
  • Celebrities – yest the famous & infamous – IMDB profile please.
  • Professional speakers – Pro
  • Working consultants.
  • You are a working professional journalist who belongs to an association of Journalists.
  • News Savvy – you can link to news storied about you at news publications.
  • You are resented by a ranked PR Firm – we use the O'Dywer system;.



We include experts on these three levels:

  • Creators    -- We pay you based on your traffic.
  • Information provider – free – when we don't already have an expert on your topic.   
  • Newsmakers – free – and you can send pay-per-release news releases.
  • Advertisers – paid with ranking and sending releases free, plus blog syndication.
  • Sponsors – Top ranking on your topics with banner ads.


Journalists like to cover interesting people with idea that can benefit their readers, viewer & listeners


  • Mission: Must be a do-gooder extraordinaire, with aims that jive perfectly with our own superhero-like endeavors of spreading knowledge and uplifting society!
  • Relevance: Keep it current, folks! Address those burning social issues that have everyone a-twitter (not just on Twitter).
  • Impact: Prove that you've got the power to make the world a better place, one awesome initiative at a time.
  • Collaborative Spirit: Play well with others, and let's join hands to make the world a more informed, wholesome place!
  • Leadership: Be the Dumbledore to our Hogwarts - wise, visionary, and possessing a spectacular beard (beard optional).
  • Ethical Practices: Keep it clean, folks! Nobody likes a shady character lurking in the shadows of dishonesty.
  • Budget: Show us the money! We need your financial support to cook up some seriously powerful public service news campaigns.
  • Media Exposure: Be the Taylor Swift of social causes - attract attention and get people talking about the right things.
  • Diversity: Embrace the power of the melting pot! We're all about that eclectic mix of ideas, backgrounds, and identities.
  • Measurable Outcomes: Show us the numbers, baby! Prove your past victories and help us evaluate our dynamic duo's future success.


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